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#1 Nov 25 - 8AM
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He called

He called late last night to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving and tell me he loves me. I didn't answer.
A month no contact and now I feel like I am back at square 1. It is taking everything I have in me not to call him back.

Nov 26 - 2PM
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Thank you all so much for

Thank you all so much for your support. As you all know, some days are easy, some aren't, but I didn't cave. I didn't call him back.
Nov 26 - 2PM
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You are doing so well at 1 month NC, I am past that point going towards 2 months, and when I look back- I cant believe I havent caved yet! And you too, you have come so far. Everyone said it best already, DONT DO IT, just stay here with us and vent.. Let him sit in his shit, and stew. YOU HAVE THE POWER NOW, and its GLORIOUS!!! Plus, when we say Happy Thanksgiving, we do so in love and MEAN IT. Nothing is greater than REAL love. HUGS, SG
Nov 26 - 2PM
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What pathetically predictable

What pathetically predictable creatures narcs are! YOU are not back at square 1 - HE is. LOVE that! Believe it BB, it is true. They don't love us, they love the power they have over us... please find the strength to hold onto YOUR power now and remain NC!! ((hugs))

Journey on...

Nov 25 - 3PM
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I agree with the others. And, he never loved you nor does he love you now. Just words, that is all. "If it hurts it isn't love". No truer words. Take care Hermes
Nov 25 - 9AM
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One month of the abusive

One month of the abusive silent treatment .. Oh how nice of him to wish you Happy Thanksgiving!! Contact = pain...Delete,DeleteDelete... Hunter
Nov 25 - 9AM
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Keep it up

Ignore that he loves you. People who love you don't abuse you. Stay strong. Read this site. Stick to it like glue. Sit on your hands.
Nov 25 - 9AM
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Great job! As tempting as it

Great job! As tempting as it is, to hear those words, you want so badly to believe them? Don't!! They are lies, designed to lure you back to him. Keep up the great work! Stay strong! You are doing amazing! Smiles
Nov 25 - 9AM (Reply to #7)
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Thank you and I love your

Thank you and I love your profile picture!
Nov 25 - 8AM
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Good Job!

Just remember if you respond...you will be doing HIM a favor at your emotional expense! You will validate that what he did to you was OK and then he will feel better about himself! Its nice he wished you a Happy Thanksgving but if you respond...you will be validating his self worth which he knows he has none! 30 days well done! Make him feel the rejection you felt...do not respond...NC will make him feel worthless even if for a minute and THEY HATE THAT!! Its not about love...for they dont know how to! Love yourself enough to say enough! You LOVE yourself and dont need his love to validate YOU...well done!
Nov 25 - 8AM
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Thanks. I am trying to keep

Thanks. I am trying to keep strong by reminding myself of who he really is and telling myself that he spent the holiday with his latest victim. So far, so good. I did a little retail therapy too which never hurts.
Nov 25 - 8AM
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No way are you back to square one...HE IS!!!!!!!! well done for not answering him......he must have some time on his hands.....you are doing so wellxxx
Nov 25 - 8AM
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Do NOT call him back!

You are NOT at square one! If you call him back, THEN you will be back to square one! One month NC! I am proud of you! The first month is the hardest! You did 30 days! You CAN do another 30! And another! And another! This is YOUR life, Do you want the manipulation, the lies, the chaos and the bullshit or do you want peace, calm, a healthy level of certainty in your life? What do you think you deserve? Which would you rather have? This abuser called you and told you he "loved you"? You did not find yourself here on this site because you had some mere misunderstanding with some dude. None of us here did. Words not matched with actions mean NOTHING. Think of his actions in the "relationshit". Were they of love? You can do this! NC is truly the ONLY way out of this and YES, it DOES get easier! NC works WHEN YOU WORK IT! love~ Layla
Nov 26 - 8PM (Reply to #2)
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narky waters

You did not jump ship into the narky waters you stayed on the lifeboat....You are doing awesome