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Lisa E. Scott
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Sorting out our feelings and organizing our thoughts in a way that helps us feel we have given our experience with the Narcissist some kind of form and structure helps tremendously. We have a need to organize the trauma and chaos we experience in life. It makes us feel better to express ourselves in a way that allows us to feel as though we can finally put the whole crazy mess to rest in our heads.

Until we do this, we will always obsess about it. Each of us must find an outlet to give creative expression and form to what we experienced. For me, this outlet has been my first book, It’s All About Him and my music CD, Gotta Get It Out.

I just received an e-mail from someone who may or may not be a member here. I'm waiting to hear back from her, but she shared this video she made with me and I want to share it all with you here. It's so powerful and profound. Be sure to read what she wrote about creating it. It truly does help to Get It Out!

The key is to find an outlet in which we can express our feelings and share our story. For some, this may include talking to family members or friends, sharing on our on-line forum, journaling or creating art or music. Whatever it is, it is critical that you find an outlet to express yourself in a way that helps you release your emotions and put things in perspective. In my opinion, it is the only way to put it to rest in your mind.

Dr. Stephen Diamond says creativity “is one of humankind's healthiest inclinations, one of our greatest attributes,” and explains that our impulse to be creative "can be understood to some degree as the subjective struggle to give form, structure and constructive expression to inner and outer chaos and conflict.”