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Goodbye User

Dear Asswipe:

I'm so glad I threw you out without getting the chance to pull your wicked bullshit and then dump ME first! You are a user, a manipulator and a liar of the worst kind. You frustrated me with your lack of affection, witholding sex and refusal to be intimate, you actually turned me down for sex too which is unbelievable for a red blooded male supposedly but I thought you were normal then. I know now that you are not normal in any sense of the word. You are a sick demented pup with no regard for human life or anyone's feelings but your own that is, if you even have feelings.

You useless, trifling, arrogant and ignorant raging alcoholic bastard. I'm glad I kept the computer that I BOUGHT with faith that you would pay me back after I threw your sorry ass on the street w/your $80 a week paycheck. Otherwise if your stupid ass didn't leave it open I may never have known that you were sexting w/ some slobby pig amongst others and also sending pics of your pathetic manhood to other women too, the clincher was the porn video that some slut sent you who you claimed just to be a "friend". This was two days before my birthday, our first together since it only took me 5 months to figure your sorry ass out. I really enjoyed calling her husband and telling him about it, I also enjoyed my conversation with her when she called me to tell me what a sick fuck you really are and the best part was when she let you know that I called her husband, again, you aren't fooling anyone you scumbag. I'm so glad you know that I know what you were doing that is the best part of this honestly. You didn't get me a bday card or a present either, you only punished me emotionally and offered nothing to me, nothing at all. I got absolutely ZERO from my relationship with you. I felt bad for you. You were down on your luck. I got you a job, drove you to and from work, fed you, made you meals, worried about your comfort and got nothing in return. Oh wait, yes a rack to hang shampoo on in the shower which was really for you so my crap wasn't all over the tub to bother you.

You contributed NOTHING to the household, no money, no muscle, nothing, a total free ride and endless netflix movies to watch, food whenever you were hungry and a roof over your head.

You didn't have the decency to even discuss your alcohol problem with me for the 100th time that is when I knew you had to go. All you could tell me was "Fuck Off you stupid cunt" and that is what I got in return for caring about you at all.

Now you are out leeching off of another couple who lives down the street from me. I know it will only be a matter of time before they figure you out too I just hope you don't screw the guys wife before they do. After all, she is the one with the good job.

Your latent alcoholism is going to show soon to them. How dare you not apologize for anything you have ever done. How dare you not apologize to me after kicking you out, obviously you will never come to normal senses, you are a parasite. A leech.

I supported you and cared for you for months only to get silent treatment, criticism, stress and aggravation/frustration in return. Do you seriously think that your stupid kiss (peck) in the morning and at night was sufficient? Do you honestly think that you can lay around in ppl's houses, contribute nothing, do nothing except lay around and get shitfaced drunk EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE and not expect ppl to get pissed off? You are in a dream world you stupid asshole. You will never EVER meet another woman like me.

I am sure you are on FIRE because you know that I KNOW THAT EVERYTHING YOU SAID TO ME WAS A LIE. You are probably furious because you aren't that smart honey. Your sexting conversations were VILE and TWISTED to say the least, just gross and you are gross too - you are just a creep. What pisses me off is that ppl are drawn to you and like you but they have NO FUCKING IDEA of what a sick bastard you really are. Oh an the amazon orders you said you never made for your blowjob machine? Oh yeah, I gave that to you when I packed all your shit in 4 garbage bags as you sat on my patio for 15 hours waiting for "a ride", asshole. I also found the giant bottle of vodka and the pin that you drank on Sunday you pathetic drunk.

I pity the next victim honestly.

I hate it now that you are in my town I wish you would go back to New York and get the fuck out of here.

I know karma is a friend to me and I know that you will only dig your own hole deeper. You are a defiant asshole who contributes nothing to society.

Good Riddance !

Aug 30 - 1PM
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Aug 30 - 1PM
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