Goodbye Ty....Part 2

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Goodbye Ty....Part 2

I write this as if you were face to face with me. I had a memory of you. We were well into the r/s and you came to morning report, telling us, " here's a pic of my new girl!"... It was a pic of the pit bull puppy you had supposedly bought from a breeder. You were so excited. You stood so close to me and showed me pic on your phone, I remember our arms were touching and I could feel tingles thru my body...I .loved feeling you next to me, you smelled so good with your Burberry cologne...I miss that part if you. But I remember you asked me if I wanted to help you name the dog, and you said the day you pick her up you will have me over so she gets used to me, and you said you would give me a key to your place so I could come over and visit with the dog. You were so sweet when you said, it would be nice if I was at your place when you came home one day. You said I could come to your place anytime.

I also remembered when your exGF/ fiancé tracked me down year later and told me how she bought you a puppy, it was THAT puppy in the pic, , she spent over two grand , and you sold the puppy bc you needed money. WHAT? Who does that? Oh, yeah, low lifes do that.

Ty, I fucking hate you so much. If we meet up in Hell one day, I will make you more miserable then the devil ever could. I feel sick when I think that I broke my marriage vows bc of you. It meant nothing to you.

I remember little comments you made. I remember your daughter wanted Uggs boots and you didn't want to pay that much for them. You said to her " why do you want these boots anyway? So you can be like your white friends?" I remember you calling T a white trailer trash bitch. I think you really hated white woman. You hated us bc we were white, you hated us bc we weren't Puerto Rican, you thought we think we are better then you. You wanted to hurt me bc you hated me. You got what you wanted from me, and bc you hated me it was easy for you to walk away, to banish me.

I put up my Christmas tree today. I thought of you bc I always wanted to do Christmas in NYC with you. I remember last Christmas, I hadn't seen you for months bc you banished me. And I got a call from your fiancé few days before Christmas. It ruined my holiday. I was sick over things she told me. My poor kids did not get the best of me last year. But I will be damned if I will let your memory spoil this holiday. And then I realized that none of your exes ever knew where you went on holidays, as you never celebrated with your OW and GF. I know you hate Christmas bc you have to spend money on your supply. You hate seeing people be happy.

I remember this past Spring/Summer for round 2 with you. I was sending you pic of hamster I was going to give you, as my kids weren't taking care of it, and I knew you would like, " to keep me company, h can watch tv with me" you said. You commented on the pic , but not of the hamster, but of my living room in the background of the pic, you said " wow, that's some big house for a little hamster", and I knew it was your envy talking. You just wanted the things I had...the car, the money, the house, the vacations. I just wanted you, I was going to give up my nice upper middle class life to live in turmoil, greed, deception. ( I know that stuff now, I have been educating myself ). You would have taken it all away. And you would have treated my kids like shit, they would have hated you. You are not a nice man when it's not about you. To think I almost let my kids get near you, the epitome of evil, the devil in disguise. I was so brainwashed. You just wanted me to buy you al, the things you desired. I would have regretted if I were to give you that Scott Kay ring I had paid thousands for. I knot regret that I only got less than half of what I paid for it. I had I engraved "To My Papi Chulo, the man of my dreams, Love your MinnieMe". And ironically, that's all you were, just a man of my dreams, you are not anything real or true or genuine. A big royal fuck you to you. That's all you deserve from me.