Goodbye Stefano

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#1 Aug 2 - 9AM
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Goodbye Stefano

Goodbye Stefano, or should I just call you Steve (or Steven) because that’s who you really are. Stefano is just part of the façade you created for yourself (Just like being an “Interior Designer”, sorry fool, you’re nothing but a house painter!). In fact, your name was the first thing I caught you lying about. Silly me, I should have seen the big red flag. That was only 2 weeks into our relationship and I would have saved myself 8 years of pain if I had seen it.

I didn’t know about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I only discovered it after you discarded me like yesterday’s trash for the 2nd time in 2 years. It’s all the things I’ve said to you over the years: It’s your way or the highway; You can’t see the World through anyone’s eyes but your own; You’re a hypocrite and your rules for me don’t apply to you; Practice what you preach; Always blaming me and turning things around; Never apologizing. ALL of it leads to one thing; YOU have NPD.

You’ve lied to me so many times; you don’t know what’s a lie or what’s the truth anymore. That’s why your memory is so poor and I was always able to bust you out when you lied to me.

Yes, I am smart and independent, as you always said. That’s why you can’t control me, no matter how hard you tried. I am stronger than you are and that’s why I always fought back.

You've always said you were different. Hard-wired because of your upbringing by your controlling father, "Old World" and should have been raised in another era, unlucky in relationships. If you want to know the REAL problem, look no further than the mirror (you look in it all the time; you're so vain you probably DO think the song is about you!).

I gave up everything for you and moved halfway across the Country. I’ve seen my family, friends and daughter minimally because of you (and your financial draining since you refused to find work and I couldn’t afford to go see them). And what did I get in return? You belittled me for not having the relationship with my daughter that I could have had. Yeah, because you have such a great relationship with your 2 sons that aren't even speaking to you right now...

You say your relationship with me is the only time “You’ve had these types of problems in a relationship”. I know for a FACT that’s not true. You’ve had the same problems in EVERY relationship in your past and that has been confirmed. It’s just another one of your many, many lies.

Good luck finding “Miss Right”, because it will never happen. Just like all of your past relationships, in time, you will just push her away, just like anyone else that’s ever tried to love you. You’ll never amount to anything, or have a sustaining relationship and just as your own children fear, die a lonely old man.

Hindsight is 20/20. By discarding me, you did me the biggest favor of my life. Now I can be free of you, your lies, your twisted bullshit and FINALLY be the person I always knew I was (you know, the one you tried to manipulate into thinking YOUR way was correct and the rest of the World was wrong). I will be OK and move forward, you on the other hand will only continue to repeat your pathetic cycle.

In short, I’ll use my favorite phrase here, “You think you’re hot shit in a martini glass, but you’re really cold piss in a Dixie cup”!!!

Goodbye and Good riddance!

Aug 3 - 5AM
Steel Hibiscus
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Good bye and get lost

Aug 3 - 7AM (Reply to #3)
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Not easy

Aug 2 - 1PM
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Bye bye Dixie Cup!! Hunter