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Goodbye Rob

Rob... You're mother must have known what you would become when she chose your name. It's exactly what you do. You rob people. You robbed me.

You robbed me of my happiness and light
You robbed me of my self esteem
You robbed me of all the things you promised me
You robbed me of my intelligence by brainwashing me into believing your lies
You robbed me of all of the things I had worked hard for
You robbed me of my money
You robbed me of my self respect by making me believe it was my fault you abused me
You robbed me of my dignity by making me beg for forgiveness when I had done nothing wrong and by forcing me into participating in your vile disgusting perverted sexual acts
You almost robbed me of my sanity. Lucky for me I woke up and realised what a sick nasty twisted deranged piece of shit you really are.

How exhausting it must be for you to live a double life. To pretend you are someone that you are not. To constantly have to suck the life out of kind hearted people because you have no soul of your own. How can you look in the mirror and be proud of who you are? You are deranged. The way you treated me was despicable.

I would like to thank you for the cold and cruel way you discarded me after taking every last thing you could get your filthy hands on and vanishing without a trace. After 4 1/2 years of supposedly loving me so much. This treatment has opened my eyes to what you really are. A scumbag, money hungry, selfish, self absorbed, pathological liar, cheater and extreme Narcissist. I had never even heard of that word until after you discarded me. You fit the mould perfectly. Oh when I think of all the things you did and said.. If I only knew then what I know now. Remember all these things? They are not normal behaviours for a sane human being..

When I first met you, you were Prince Charming and I was under your spell from day 1. How quickly things can change...

When I told you I loved you, you would reply with I don't blame you, I'm sexy as fuck. Or I don't blame you I'm hot as fuck. I used to laugh at it but now I know you really thought that!! News flash loser, you're not!

Remember when you had a fight with your ex (or so you told me she was) and you showed me the photo of the cut above your eye she gave you after she hacked in to your fb and read our messages to each other? You told me she hit you first just to get sympathy from me. Liar. You belted the crap out of her and she had photos to prove it. That alone should have made me run for the hills but I didn't. I thought you loved me enough to never treat me that way. Wrong!

Remember when you emotionally blackmailed me into "lending" you money because you were in trouble and had no one else to turn to? Silly me. I will never see that money again.

Remember when you were upset and expected me to comfort you by buying you an expensive shirt? I didn't and you broke up with me over it. That exact scenario happened so many more times.

Remember when you nagged me so much about buying you a jet ski? Stupidly I did. Not that I have ever seen it.

Remember when you nagged me so much to buy you an expensive watch? You went to the store and called me from the counter and said I need to know now because I'm at the shop. Transfer the money to my account. Then you had the hide to post a photo on Facebook of the 12 expensive watches you had! What the?

Remember when you constantly asked me for money and used emotional blackmail to force me into giving it to you?

Remember how you made me prove my love for you by buying you things? You would say things like I thought my happiness was important to you. Guess what, it was never going to be enough. No matter what I did. Because you are just a greedy selfish bottomless pit.

It is laughable how you think that you need to have the best of everything, yet have no money. You make a point of letting everyone know how great you are, you have 4 cars, a boat, motor bikes, jet ski, bla bla bla. Well people just thought you were a show pony. All of your photos on facebook are of you and your possessions. If you could only hear everyone laughing at how stupid you look. normal people not brainwashed by you can see through that shit. You can have all the material things you want. But they won't make you a man. You are nothing. An empty soulless loser.

Remember when you would text me every morning to tell me how much you loved me? What a load of shit that turned out to be. But it kept me hooked.

Remember how you would go bananas if I didn't respond to your messages immediately?

Remember all the times you sulked like a child when I disagreed with you, or criticized you?

And the silent treatment! Oh the amount of times my stomach was in knots because you were punishing me by not speaking to me. I couldn't stand it. And this just gave you more of an excuse to get more from me. Buy you things. Stroke your ego. Apologise and accept blame for all of your faults. I had to because I was terrified of you leaving me.

You always said to me that you were the smartest man I will ever meet. I think you're right. It truly is an art to be able to manipulate people the way you do and make us think that we are crazy. Only works for so long though.

Remember all the promises you made me? Telling me we will be married, we have our whole lives ahead of us. When I think of all of those things you said I could vomit. You make me sick.

Remember when you said that I was the oldest girlfriend you ever had and that I had more chance of being hit by a bus than finding another boyfriend now I'm 40? What?? You're 39 you tossbag!

You try and hang on to your youth by finding women half your age. Your kids mum is 14 years younger than you. But she will wise up and leave you for someone worthy of her love when she is ready. It will happen.

Oh and let's not forget the sex. In the beginning it was like nothing I had ever experienced. Passionate and loving. Then you became extremely selfish and treated me like an object. You barely looked at me. You would restrain my hands, slap my back side then laugh at the welts that appeared. Pull my hair so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. You would lock your arm around my throat from behind until I couldn't breathe. You would call me vile names, tell me you are the boss and insist I say yes sir to you. You would slap my face and punch my body. You would bite me so hard I would have bruises for weeks. Oh and let's not forget the time in the kitchen when you forced yourself on me from behind. Held me down over the bench and restrained me with your hands so I couldn't move. I said no. You didn't listen. You were so rough I started crying. You wanted to see my tears. Then you stopped and said I didn't rape you. Really????

You hinted to me a few times that you were into fucked up sex. You always said you wanted to tie me up for days and only come near me to fuck me and beat me. You mentioned stockholme syndrome. When I said I didn't know what it was you said dont worry princess you will find out. You sick fuck!!

When I finally started to rebel against you and called you on your despicable behaviour, you turned on me like a mad dog. All by text of course because you are a coward. Your mask was slipping and you couldn't handle the fact you were being exposed as the evil maniac that you are. Of course you were going to leave without a trace. I was no longer giving you what you needed. I called you a user, abuser, blackmailer and manipulator. True to form, you blamed me for your actions and cruel words. Well I was right about you and meant every word I said.

Why didnt I see the hundreds of red flags in front of me?

Well I am not going to torture myself for allowing this to happen. Actually I'm glad it did. It showed me that I needed to do a lot of work on myself internally and establish healthy boundaries.

I am not ashamed of loving you. The person you portrayed yourself to be. You knew how to hook me in and keep me in this sick web. You showed me that I have the ability to completely love someone and give them my all. I loved you so much I couldn't breathe. You just didnt deserve it. And I realise now that I love myself so much more than I ever loved you. I deserve the best in life and I deserve to get back the same love I give.

I know I am a kind, generous, giving, beautiful person. I am all the things you are not and thats why you were attracted to me. I had to fill the empty void in your twisted life because you are not capable of feeling any type of love. And that is sad. Sucks to be you.

Oh how I feel sorry for the mother of your children that you have gone back to. I know you have abused her so much worse than me. I never experienced the full force of your violent outbursts luckily because we didnt live together. I am thankful for that.

It amazes me how I have gained so much from someone who gave me nothing. Knowledge is power. And guess what. I now have the power. You will never have the chance to control or abuse me again.

My life is already better without you in it.

You are an oxygen thief and I take comfort knowing that you will never be truly happy. I will. I can guarantee you that.

You will never have it as good as you did with me. Now some other lucky man gets to spend his life with this strong, independent, smart, funny, successful, happy, healthy, beautiful woman. I can honestly say you did me a huge favour by disappearing. Saved me the trouble of leaving you.

You have walked out of my life for the last time. Keep walking!!! I hope you rot in hell, LOSER!!!

Never yours,

Bub, Sweetie, Princess.

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This was excellent .. Get it

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Thankyou Journey. I am so

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Thankyou Spinning for your