Goodbye Pretender!

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Goodbye Pretender!

I took some time to write this letter, because I wanted to make sure, this is really it. It's time now. It's over. I will never, ever come back to you again. I will never, ever have contact with you again, if I can help it. You took my kindness for weakness and my love for granted and I have noone to blame, but myself because I allowed it. The last straw was when you called my house that night and had your new GIRL laughing at me. I never in a million years, thought you would treat me like something on the bottom of your shoe. That mask came right off for me that night. You then went on to send me text messages to say, "sit your ass down and cry". How could you bite the hand the fed your sorry ass? I see you now. I see all those times, you put me down, it was because I am so well put together and you are not. I was the best source of supply for your inflated ego. I am free. I can leave, knowing you will never find another me. I'm educated, smart and beautiful. Any other women of my caliber, wouldn't have anything to do with your bum ass. From now on you have no choice, but to stick with the street whores. I kind of see you as my supply as well. I got what I needed from you. I lost weight, I started therapy, I have had the opportunity to see evil up close and personal, I have a closer relationship with God and I'm a lot stronger. Thanks, I owe most of it to you. That night you wanted me to cry, guess what? Not one tear flowed and hasn't since. I blocked you from calling or texting my phone, but you still find a way to call my house or job EVERY DAY. I know it's you. :-) I love the fact, that I took my power back from you and have the power to ignore you. I love the fact that you are the one losing your mind and probably crying too. I love that what you wished for me, is being done to you. I love that I don't have to pretend to get people to love me. People genuinely love me and you hate that. I'm doing work. Lots of work. Yep! I'm reading up on your sickness (you are a sick, twisted MFer), I'm continuing my therapy, writing in my journal and seeing you for what you really are. Now that I have a new pair of eyes, I wouldn't like myself either if I were you. We are very cloose, but I know God will not let me see or bump into you, until I am ready. Looking forward to the day, because that will be funny too. You will probably look like a dead skelaton to me at that time. Bye asshole! When you think of me, just think of me as... the one that got away and she's HAPPY!!!

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this little piggy gets no pearls

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