Goodbye Mr G

You gave me a false name, your whole life was a lie, you used and abused me for two years. I loved you, gave you my heart and trusted you. Then i started to uncover the real you, the drugs, lies, women, you hurt me physically and mentally, you ended up in court and the sentenence was never enough, you are still laughing.

But i have been free of you for 3 weeks and one day now, not long i know but a start to freedom and a life without you. I am still left with a heart and a soul, broken but still intact and at least i know i have one. I also have a family and friends, you have nothing that is real.

I hate you for the way you treated me and made me believe it was all my fault, i hate you so much sometimes i wish you dead, and then i hate myself for thinking it.

I will find happiness one day, you wont.....that is my payback.

Miss Daisy

stay away from me