Goodbye & Good Riddance

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Goodbye & Good Riddance

Goodbye to everything I thought my life was and everything I thought my life would be with you.

Goodbye to perceived emotional security; you were never there for me anyway. Like the time I got a promotion at work and you grumbled, “If you wanted me to be happy for you, you should’ve gotten home earlier.”

Goodbye to the man I fell in love with — loyal, respectful, proud of me — and who quickly disappeared.

Goodbye to our home — the place where I thought I could finally give my kids a family. The truth is, my kids already have a family and we didn’t need a man in the house to make it complete after all. I can’t wait for you to move out so that I can make it mine again.

Goodbye to feeling so lucky that my kids had a role model; a man they could look up to. I hope you’ve taught them how not to treat the people they love.

Goodbye to the belief that a man can be unselfish. Your inability to accept fault does not make you a man; it makes you weak.

Goodbye to trust. I will forever be skeptical of love so that I do not get hurt the way I allowed you to hurt me.

Goodbye to excusing your annoying, condescending and inconsiderate behavior. I no longer have to tolerate it or be embarrassed by it.

Goodbye to your half-truths and deception. Now that I know the full story, I realize that it was all half-truths from the beginning.

More importantly….

Goodbye to the pathetic and desperate woman who just wanted to be loved by you. She no longer exists.

Goodbye to the woman who you made me feel wasn’t good enough for you. The reality is, you can’t keep up with me and my success threatens you.

Goodbye to the jealous woman that I have never seen before or experienced. I will put her away now and never, ever see her again.

Goodbye to the sleepless nights wondering if your heart was really with me or the woman you texted from my hospital bedside the day of my hysterectomy and told her you were “bored”. As I grow older, I no longer have to worry whether you are entertained at the hospital if ever I get sick.

Goodbye to the countless hours I spent analyzing the phone bill to see who you’re texting and calling. Your shady activities no longer affect me.

You broke my heart and shattered my dreams. Now I will use the broom and dustpan to gather them up, see what’s left, pick out what I want and mosaic them with something new.