Goodby Corey!

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Goodby Corey!

The day I met you I fell hard for you! I was about to end my marriage to a wonderful man we just didn't click together. You were going through a divorce that you didnt want. You looked into my eyes and I knew instantly I was in trouble!
We had sex all night and it was great! I was hooked. Our path was rough. Me trying to get my divorce and you whacked out and depressed from your divorce. You treated me like shit a week after we started dating. You were high and you pushed me done in the hallway because you wanted to go to sleep and I wanted to spend time with you. WOW! I should have left then. I really thought I could save you and make you happy. Boy was I wrong.

You fell into deep despair and tried killing yourself with pills. Who was there to save you? me! I am the one that talked you into reahab. You went and did well. We started living together when you got out and the hell continued. You started drinking again, smoking pot, and taking pills.

I then after my divorce bought us a house because you let everything go! All your bills! Everything! I have 3 beautiful boys and you have 1. They all loved each other. We all did. Or so I thought. Things got worse and worse. You would get drunk and drag me down to drink. You called me fat, a fucking cunt and a whore.

You left numerous bruises on me, pushed me into the bayou in front of my son and yours and in a rage slammed on the breaks and the car flipped 3 times almost killing us. Not to mention I could have drowned in the bayou. You continuously blamed everything on me! I was the one that put you through hell. I'm the one that made you angry. I was the horrible hateful one! Really? when all I ever did was love you and your son and want a better life for all of us. I was so addicted and blind.

All my friends knew. You had stolen me away and left me lower than low. You d&d'd me last July after our lavish trip to the Bahamas-Atlantis that my mom payed for. You also had the nerve to call her a fucking bitch! Not to her face because she would had you 6 feet under trust me!!!

Yes I'm angry at what you did to me! I'm angry that you came back in November to abuse me more and I allowed it. All you wanted was a sexual pawn. You wanted me to fuck other men and tell you about it. You wanted me to fuck other men while you watched! Sicko!

You obviously came into my life for a reason and I am thinking it is to make me stronger. I am a mastered degreed speech therapist and you are a low life city worker who doesn't care to do better with your life.

You go ahead and think your happy and continue to drink and pop your pills. I wish you the worst year ahead because you deserve it you fucking disordered freak.

Goodbye and good riddance fucker!

Dec 31 - 5PM
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Feel better now don't you?

Feel better now don't you? :) It feels great to get the toxins out of your system. Now, save this letter and when you have completed your journey, without referencing this letter, write a new good bye letter to him. Compare the two and you will see...... What a world of difference your words will be! Stay strong and good luck! Happy New Year!