Good by for Good - Narc

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Good by for Good - Narc


I am writing this letter in a forum as I could never send it to you as you would never understand all that you have done to me and my family.

Good by and thanks so much for breaking up my home and family by convincing me to marry you... Marry you and then you beat the crap out of me on our wedding night.

Good by to your spitting on me, hitting me, ignoring me, hounding me, harrassing me, controlling me, making me feel everything was my fault.

Good by and thank you for trying to keep the people who love me away from them. Glad this one did not work as I still have the support of my kids, my ex, my parents and friends.

Good by for taking all the money out of our bank account to go on a drug run and to the casino. How many times did you do this and then had me call my parents and tell them I went to the casino and lost all the they had to pay the rent for us.

Good by to you for using my parents money by you hurting and abusing me and they had to come down here to move me - what 4 times I had to move but, then you convienced me that I was the only one for you and pull me back in.

Good by to you making my children so upset every time you convienced me to going back to you. And making excuses for the bruises I had that they could see - not the one they could not like broken ribs - how many ribs - I remember you breaking them at least 3 diffrent times and then telling me I deserved it.

Good by to you for trying to make me kill myself rather than be with you - You watched and helped me take 90 xanax so I could die - what are you fucking crazy - no I am. Than I had to land in the hospital for suside attemts.

Good by to you for all your lying and cheating on me - I don't know how many times.....

I can go on and on but, I now know I am not crazy - you made me feel crazy.

So you dumb f..K go to hell and never come back. I never want to see your dumb bald head and the body you think is so great...LOL - wait till you can't work out anymore since you are so short you will just be a bald fat guy without anyone love. Even your 3 kids don't talk to you and for that - well that is your Karma....

Feb 13 - 10AM
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You are stronger than you

Jan 17 - 10AM
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Name Changing

Jan 16 - 8PM
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Good for you

Jan 16 - 8PM (Reply to #2)
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Thank you Tara

Jan 16 - 9PM (Reply to #3)
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Like Ever...