Forced into a Prolonged Face to face with the Narc because of work...

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Forced into a Prolonged Face to face with the Narc because of work...

Monday night I found myself in a face to face with the Ex-N. That was something I was totally unprepared for and God only knows why it happened. I was pretty shaken that night and the day after it happened but I seem to have slowed down the up's and down's to a more manageable level for the time being.

I was at work monday night. It was nearing the end of my shift, and I had just worked back to back doubles. We had a bad call regarding a domestic dispute in a neighboring city and were dispatched to assist.

(I am going to copy and past this story from another conversation I had to make things simple)

I took off to get there as fast as I could, disputes like that can turn nasty very quick.
When you approach a call like that you park a few houses down and approach quietly on foot. I parked 2 houses down and if I wasn't so exhausted I would have recognized the very distinct truck I walked past on the street, but I didn't and continued on. As my partners and I got closer we hear a woman yelling in pain and screaming for help. I break into a run, all pretenses of stealth gone. In the backyard I find a man hitting what might be his wife with what appears to be the handle to a shovel or broom ... I just keep on running and hit him full speed. We go to the ground and start fighting. Man was that bad, we went down in a tangle and there was no distinct advantage for me. He managed to pull out a box cutter and cut me across the top of my forearm, my adrenaline was pounding though and I didn't even notice. One partner grabbed the woman and pulled her to safety while another intercepted the couples son who came running out of the house. I managed to get the upper hand and got to my feet. I took a quick look at my surroundings for any additional threats and that's when I saw her.

She was in the next yard with the OM, apparently that was his house and they were having a fire when this all broke out. Eye contact left me stunned for a full second. My stomach dropped and my chest got tight, I was ready for a knife but not that- how insane is does that seem?! That second was all it took for the guy to gain his feet and charge. Luckily I recovered quickly and that initial shock turned to anger and man oh man did I grab and throw that guy like a rag doll. He hit the ground and by then other backup had arrived and was on top of him before he could even understand what happened.

That must have been a sight, my uniform torn, my arm all bloody and my face bleeding with a split lip. I bit my tongue when I first ran into him and it was bleeding pretty bad so I spit some blood on the ground in their direction without looking at her and turned away.

After we started sorting through the mess and our backup left the scene I was left with a local guy from the city we were assisting and my sergeant. After I get myself checked out by paramedics my sergeant orders me to assist the local in interviewing the witnesses. I said ok and headed off in the direction of the OTHER house where the 911 call came from. My sergeant stopped me and said that the local was already over there I had to talk to the other group... My ex and the OM. Apparently it was obvious to him something was wrong because he said "you look like you just saw a ghost" my face had drained of all color. I wasn't ready for that. I haven't talked to her for over a month and with the exception of the Facebook incident I've stuck to no contact like it was my only hope of survival.

I was exhausted, coming down off an adrenaline rush, shaking, and disorientated. How in the name of all that is good was I going to keep it together and not break down and tear up, not lose my cool and swing if the OM pushed my buttons, not scream all my rage and frustrations out at her and him. I was already at my mental limit, exhaustion was winning. I was not fully in control of myself - after something like that you are "jacked up" - your heads still racing a mile a minute, you are caught up in the moment, anything goes.

I look my sergeant dead in the eye and say, "I can't do that sir." He looked at me looked over the fence where they were waiting and he realized who she was. He looked me dead in the eye and said "You got this" and started laughing and clapping me on the shoulder. He looked back over at them and laughed even harder. I was so confused, was he tormenting me?! But then he whispered, "Smile like you just said something horrible and funny about them, go over there and get it done." So I did. I turned around all grins an walked over. I think I handled this next part well enough. When I got there I stopped smiling and chuckling and slipped into my "game face."

I acted like I didn't know them, (hell.. I guess I really don't). "Hi I'm officer (Gso) with the police department. I need to ask you a few questions regarding what happened before our arrival" back and forth it went, I shot down any attempts at familiarity with pure "by the books, police officer with no sense of humor" professionalism. At the end I gave them a card and walked away. She said she would call me and I replied with "That won't be necessary ma'am I have all the information I will need for my report right here" and raised my notepad while I just kept walking. She said "I hope you are ok! I was worried!" But I just kept walking and never looked back and did NOT say another word.

After the initial shock and rage I think I handled it ok. I didn't know what else to do. When it happened and immediately after I felt like I went off the deep end. I was a walking emotional time bomb and just about anything was setting me off. I didn't really have it in my to share this with the community at the time but thanks to a new friend I've made, I was able to work through it and now feel confident (and stable...) enough to share.

Feb 8 - 6PM
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amazing coincidence and I think you handled that very well Gso! Glad you are OK and just know that now that you have seen them, you don't have to imagine what it would be like. Although, that was like watching crime show on TV!. It sounds like you are using all the tools - the site, your friends. Keep it up .
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yes wow

you handled that much better than me and I am so proud of you ....Ty for being there for me and talking to me