Final Message to the N - The Truth


The truth is – I saw your whole text phone – pictures received, texts sent, everything - when you were too drunk to remember leaving it on the table.

The truth is after reading it, I put it down and the next morning proceeded to have the most amazing sex we’ve ever had.

The truth is I know about Maria, Kim, and your ex-fiancée and that those were only a few of many that you are involved with.

The truth is someone or something hurt you and now you spend your life manipulating everyone around you to get what you want out of them.

The truth is you already have the power and the money and the respect, yet you are incapable of allowing someone to love you.

The truth is that you are an expert at manipulation and emotional abuse that slowly chips away at someone who cares about you.

The truth is that you lied, betrayed, manipulated, abused and broke me – a strong woman – until you had no use for me anymore.

And finally, the truth is that soon, I will have forgotten about you and I will go on to live a NORMAL life – full of joy, family, friends, and happiness – something that you can never understand.

Good. Bye.


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They were injured a long time ago as little toddlers and now will never let anyone get close to them ever again, something went horribly wrong in the parenting of the mother to the little boy, they never felt good enough, read the article by Dr.. Leon Seltzer that Lisa has on her blogs, it is very revealing..We must never get stung again, they cannot give or receive any of our love, we might as well give it to a is scar on their personality which will never heal............
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This is so spot on. They are incapable of offering or accepting love. To do so requires faith in themselves and others and they don't trust or let their guard down. If you do get under their skin and HURT them, woe betide you. It is all about them, their emotions and protecting themselves.
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They are not fixable. Just have to let them go. At least u got a few names. To be honest the women exN have, all my fingers and toes not enough to count. And I am talking about current active ones! Alot more in the hiding. New ones. And dormant ones he goes to once a while. I give up long ago figuring out who he is with long before i split with him. Too many too confusing. Play his life out in a movie, the audience would be confused who's who! Really, he is OTT womaniser. He could cos he is rich. I erased all his OW from my brain, wasting space. End of day no one means anything to him.
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Yeah, exN definitely had a lot of women - all over the country. I feel confident that any city he traveled too, he had a girl there for him - it's sick. No - they are not fixable at all. I keep on wondering what his reaction would be if I sent him this, and the sad thing is that I know he would just press "delete" as if it never happened. Oh well.
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Excellent! You said it well! Exactly happened to me except it was JoAnne, Pamela, Hope, that lady in Alabama I can't remember her first name, and the woman in Jackson Hole - I didn't know her name. The twisted part is I pity them because for each them there will be four more women hidden in the phone, he sending them texts, flirty messages when he is sitting next to them. Sad, he almost had it all - my love and crediblity but he screwed it all way.
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I love it but it makes me sad. I think many think they can "fix" these features but they are unfixable.
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Yes, they are unfixable. I don't think I ever thought I could fix the N, but I will admit, I had/have trouble really accept just how "evil" the actions of the N truly are...
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Agreed! And even before the N, I never wanted to "fix" anyone...come as you are, be who you are. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be...I just didn't like being sold a total and complete lie.
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I actually think the exN was the first person I never wanted to change, that I just accepted as he was. Maybe that's because he nailed the image of the person I actually wanted to be with- haha. But yes, it is amazingly difficult to wrap my brain around that the idea that NOTHING that he said was true and yes, it was all a complete lie.