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Farewell Freakshow

I know what you are. I can see you clearly now as one of the thousands of disordered soul sucking zombies wandering the earth preying on anyone or anything to fill the bottomless pit inside you. You’re not so special really. The constant bragging about how hot, smart, funny, successful, sexy you are. Always stressing what a “great guy” and “total package” you are grew so tiresome. The projection onto me about having to always be right, and how I was fucking other guys, when you were the one lying through your teeth about the other women you had queued up in various stages of idealization, devaluation and discard the entire time we knew each other…it is so obvious now. The sheer volume and depth of your lies are astounding to me. You contradicted yourself often, clearly confusing what lies you had told what woman, but I overlooked it, because I wanted to believe. You invented a fake son and a fake persona, and then blamed me for finding out the truth by Googling your name. What a manipulative fuck you are. Yours must be such a miserable existence…to never ever care for another person, to have a dark, ugly, foul soul and to have to suck the light from others to sustain yourself. I pity you, your wife and your child…they are sure to endure much more pain from you than I will ever know. The word predator and freak rolled around in my head after our first meeting when you videotaped me in sexual acts without my knowledge. But you had many years to perfect your craft of manipulation and lying so I pushed my instincts aside. I felt sorry for you and you knew I would. I am an empath, and while I am proud of that quality, I mourn the innocent way I used to view other humans…you completely stole that from me. You took special care to study me intently to determine what was missing from my life, and then pretended to be exactly that…my “sex-husband”. I was the vulnerable, and you the vulture. Then when you knew I was hooked, you began devaluing me, dosing just enough to keep me around for your sexual pleasure, until I finally just became more trouble than I was worth, because I just couldn't swallow your fuckery any longer, and I was discarded. You treated me like your whore and I will never speak to you again, you disgusting piece of shit. You have hurt me more than you will ever understand because you can’t feel and I can. I believed in you, I trusted you, and you betrayed me horribly. I never knew there were people in the world (outside prison) that are as evil as you. You cannot keep your mask on forever, it will slip with every single person you ever know, and those who have not already run screaming for the exits, will. The image of the Christian, Family Man, is fake fake fake, your true-self, the ugly disrespectful, perverted, distorted, cruel pig that you are will always rear his head and drive away every person that ever makes the mistake of loving you….it is just a matter of time.
Fuck off

Jan 17 - 5AM
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I love this

It's great
Jan 28 - 6AM (Reply to #2)
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A couple of minor tweaks and

A couple of minor tweaks and this could have been mine. Nice job!