Falling Asleep

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Falling Asleep

Have not found much information on this one so was wondering if it was common.

Seth evolved from ridiculing and talking down at me, (before he got help!?!) to simply falling asleep while I was talking to him. Once he had finished the two hour monologue of himself and his job, he would announce that he wasn't talking about himself and phase out. I tested him out one night and he nodded off 6 times in an hour, and I made sure I never once spoke directly about him. He would wake up, look at me like he had heard everything I said, grunt and drift off again. I think he thought I was totally oblivious to the fact he kept going to sleep.

Was wondering if others had this experience.

Jun 30 - 5PM
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My ex would complain about being tired... sleep through and then complain in the morning that she hadn't slept well. I think your right about all this faking they have to do, it must tire them out... She also slept with a 'blankey' round her neck like a comfort thing... a bit weird really like a child would have something.. God the more i look into this the more I am realising what i was dealing with.
Jun 30 - 2PM
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ditto he slept all the time.

ditto he slept all the time. i mean he could just sleep for hours. so lazy. i never understood how he got his work done. i too would get bored because he slept so much. on weekends i stopped waiting and would just get up, eat breakfast, work out and go shopping and still find him sleeping sometimes when i got back. he snored a lot when he would pass out from being drunk!
Jun 30 - 10AM
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Mine would be tired after work, but would have a hard time falling asleep at night if we were at my house. On weekends, before we split up, he would be lethargic - no energy at the gym and made me leave early - and would sleep for a couple of hours after we got back EVEN THOUGH he had only been awake 4 hours! I think he was trying to check out on me and not interact. But I also think he was depressed because things didn't go his way after we got engaged. I had stopped thinking he was great. I remember we were going to bed one time and he said that things were not what he thought they would be and he was miserable. I asked what he meant and he said that he thought *I* would act exactly like he wanted me to! At least when he slept I could read novels and check out mentally!
Jun 30 - 10AM
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I think they fall asleep so

I think they fall asleep so often and easily because it must be really hard for them being fake all day and not letting most everyone know what a true N he is. Must be very wearing on them to fake it all the time.
Jun 30 - 10AM (Reply to #7)
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to just not have to deal w/anything or anyone..get away from it all!!!! Their own worlds...dreamland!! LOSERS!!


Jun 30 - 11AM (Reply to #8)
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the same thing babies do...

Babies and little kids do the same thing. When they are overwhelmed, they fall asleep so they don't have to deal with stress. I remember my son doing that whenever he was someplace loud.
Jun 30 - 1PM (Reply to #9)
Lisa E. Scott
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Yes, sleeping is the ultimate form of escape for many. My EXNH slept all the time. Anything to avoid reality.
Jun 30 - 8AM
Qing Yuan
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Yea sleeping while trying to talk occurs often

I am writing thus from my phone so excuse the spelling but yes narc husband can fall asleep wherever he wants at will! He would often talk non stop bout himself and fall asleep when I was talking bout something! I hated it! Now I knowit was not just cos he wax tired but it was because he had little inerest in what I was saying! Horrible! I sympathise with how it feels to be treated that way! Maybe we will know this for our future protecting ourselves from narcs! X
Jun 30 - 9AM (Reply to #5)
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Mind would fall asleep easily after we argued. I never could understand why i am crying and he is sleeping like a baby. I knew he sleeps because of the snoring :)
Jun 30 - 6AM
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falling asleep

Yep it happenned many times ,also during some stories about his working day....he noddded off many times after having monologues about work ...I would be washing dishes at the ope kitchen in his living room he would lay on the ground,on the carpet ,starts the day monologue and there he goes,snoring like an old bear.....


Jun 30 - 8AM (Reply to #2)
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slept alot!!

Mine was just always tired..slept alot..could sleep anytime, anywhere..no problem..actually I d get so damn bored of watching him sleep..it was crazy!!!


Jun 30 - 11AM (Reply to #3)
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In the "honeymoon phase"

In the "honeymoon phase" while I still lived in NY and he is CA - we would talk on the phone every night--he would actually fall asleep (pass out) while we were on the phone. I would yell his name into the reciever trying to wake him up. Oh, what a catch. Peace. J

Peace. J