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#1 Oct 17 - 12PM
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DLP75 update

I appreciate all of your feedback. What an awesome websight! I thank God a friend of mine mentioned narcissism as I had no idea how serious it could be. I started doing what Lisa's book said, and started writing down all the negative instances that happened to me with this woman, and actually it's bittersweet. I'm up to instance number 76. On the one hand it makes me feel better to face these things and actually see what an evil person she is, but on the other hand I keep thinking of myself as a total idiot for being trapped in her snare. I have to keep reminding myself that the "lady" I fell in love with, was nothing more than a wolf in sheeps clothing. I know now that I had started to take off her mask with her comment of "Your a hard nut to crack". And "You're not going to be told what to do by any woman". I just told her I was not going to be nagged or henpecked, and that being a Christian, I knew in Proverbs it says that a man is better living on the corner of a rooftop than to live with a quarrelsom wife. Being one of the few guys on here, I know that verse applies to women also. It's been seven weeks for me when I got the blind sided phone call, but I just wanted to say that it does get better, especially when I look back and see all the ways I was manipulated. Praise God.....I did not marry this *****!

Oct 27 - 8AM
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Miracles can happen.. Yes,

Miracles can happen.. Yes, Thank God you didn't marry her.. Hunter
Oct 26 - 11PM
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Yep. Those of us who thought

Yep. Those of us who thought we'd be marrying our lovely narc "soulmates" (barf), but got dumped instead, should really start the "I Dodged a Bullet" club! We can make tee-shirts and print up official cards and everything!
Oct 17 - 1PM
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Yes, when God shuts one door another one will open

You are blessed not to have married this woman. You will be blessed one day with the right one and you will remember this day with the joy of God in your heart, I am sure. God bless, Goldie