Detox duration??

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#1 Aug 20 - 1PM
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Detox duration??

So, it will be 8 weeks this coming weekend since I imposed no contact. I have observed it rigorously but I'm still not feeling better. I have good days and bad days but I'm not feeling like I'm any further forward in getting her out if my system.. To make things worse, my subconscious seems to be conspiring against me! Last week I had two very vivid dreams about her (she was being horrible to me in them) which makes me feel like I've actually seen her. Things feeling raw all over again. She is on holiday this week which I know because I would have been going too. A little cottage by the sea which was booked before I went NC. It's a place we both love so of course I can't stop thinking about how much I'd love to be there..
I was in the devalue discard cycle for a number of years so I'm not expecting miracles with my recovery but surely I should be feeling abit better by now??

Apr 19 - 10AM
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On your way

Aug 24 - 5AM
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A long and bumpy road..

Aug 24 - 4AM
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Now its about you

Aug 22 - 9PM
Done sourcing
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I was in mine for 14 years or

Aug 22 - 12PM
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On your way

Aug 21 - 4PM
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Thank you all so much for

Aug 21 - 3PM
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Congrats on 8 weeks NC! As

Journey on...

Aug 21 - 12AM
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Remain NC

Aug 20 - 10PM
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Aug 20 - 4PM
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8 weeks? Seriously? Everyone

Aug 20 - 3PM
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8 weeks is not a long time. I