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I was with my N on and off for 3 years. I worked the first 6 months of our relationship and haven't worked since. He knows I am in a financial bind & he helps me out every now and then. About 6 weeks ago he was preparing for a police officer conference & went to the airport to take care of something. He needed a ride back and called me so of course I went to the rescue. I barrowed my moother's car because I had a head light out. On the way I got into an accident and totaled my mother's car. I spoke to him when I was on the way to the hospital around 8pm. He called me that morning at 5am after he made it to where he was going. I didn't here from him again until the next day. I was physically hurt but not to the point where they kept me in the hospital. I asked him why he hadn't called sooner and how he could just proceed with his trip and not be concerned about me. He sat in silence and never heard form him again until 2 days after he returned. He text and asked if I needed anything. I told him I needed some cash and gas in my car. We met 2 days later and he gave me $100 and filled my gas tank and didn't here from him for a week. There have alwasys been times when he would be a total ass to me, turn around and help me, then proceed with being an ass. I don't get it and I constantly ask myself if he doesn't love me why does he help me? I honestly would love him anyway....

Oct 2 - 6PM
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I think you DO need to start

I think you DO need to start asking yourself some hard questions. What are your beliefs about love? What do you want out of this relationship? Are you getting it? For how long have you been unhappy? What holds you there? Also, Why is it that you haven't worked since? are you having trouble finding work? Getting something going for yourself could really help you. Going on and off for 3 years... it is probably best to just stay off. No? If not 3 years, how long are you willing to go on like this? Something isn't working. You seem to want more. Helping doesn't always mean love... and what are signs of love that YOu would do are not necessarily signs of love to him. Are there other signs of love in your relationship? Are you good friends? Do you trust each other? Do you have consistency and commitment?
Oct 2 - 3PM
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Maybe you are getting ready

Maybe you are getting ready to ask yourself some tough questions. ds