bumping into ex AGAIN

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#1 Sep 5 - 12PM
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bumping into ex AGAIN

I was at dinner with a buddy and she walked up to our table. I don't think she knew it was me until she got there. She saw me and asked why I wasn't eating. I said "I already ate." (The first words I've said to her since the end of June.) There was an awkward pause afterwards, she wiped her hands clean, and walked away. She barely made eye contact with me. It's clear that NC has affected her. Maybe she feels guilty -- probably discarded since every one of her (my) friends don't contact her anymore.

She was there with her new boyfriend, a guy she's been seen at our church with. After just 2 months, it hurts a lot. It's hard to think we were best friends (at least I thought we were) only 3 months ago.

I love how transparent everything is now. As I left, I looked at her. She was staring blankly at the table, emotionally checked out, devoid of any feeling, empathy, remorse, a miserable narcissist.

I suppose this resets NC, or does it? I didn't contact her. Unfortunately, it's a small city. I'll see her again.

Sep 7 - 10AM
Done sourcing
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No way does that reset nc,

Sep 5 - 9PM
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