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Answered Prayers


This forum was such a huge part of my life for so long that I can't NOT share this....Lisa, I especially want you to read this as you were SUCH an important part of helping me move forward.

I have not posted for a year. Things have been ok. I was moving on with my life and getting into the routine of Shared Parenting even though I've always known my 8 year old daughter would be better off not ever having to visit her dad (N), I had spent thousands of dollars in court and to therapists and to no avail....I was court ordered to share my most precious accomplishment(my daughter, henceforth D)with N. I have prayed for nearly 4 years for the truth to be revealed and for my daughter to be protected.

I had been noticing since early July that D was more hesitant to go to her dad's than usual. It became worse and worse, and she was almost nervous about it. I prayed and prayed. We all know what talking to the N D and I would have been "punished" if I had said anything about this to N. I thought maybe her behavior was a result of N telling her (in her words) "if you bring {blanket and bear- her comfort items} here again, I'm going to sell them". She was sick over it.

Still I prayed.....God, protect her.

Three weeks ago, D called me from her dad's crying.....sobbing and said, "I don't feel safe here"
You could hear my heart break, I think. I asked her what she meant, trying to get more details, desperate, but trying to comfort her. "I don't know why mommy, I just don't". I did my best to make her laugh, console her, offered to read her a book over the phone. "yes" she said, sounding a little better. Then quickly, "I gotta go mommy, daddy needs the phone". Please don't judge me for not asking to talk to N....this would have only made it worse on D. And yes I could have called the cops to go over there and check....but do you know the hell D and I would have paid for that?"

I called the next answer. I called the next day, she sounded better. "whew! Thank God". I called the next day, no answer. I prayed and prayed.

Monday I got her from the Bsitter. D had made up a story about her step mom biting her so that she didn't have to go back there. But then she told the Bsitter and me both (at seperate times) something that did not sit well with me.....

"My daddy had to go to work all weekend and mommy (this is what she's made to call her stepmom) was crying and didn't want him to go but he went anyway and mommy (stepmom SM) started drinking beer and yesterday, [my friend, H] was over and SM called me the Devil and H a bitch because we didn't want McDonalds, we wanted subs."

I asked who else was there.
"H's mom"
I asked what H's mom did.
"She took us to her house and I spent the night"
"who took you to school this morning"
"H's mom"

I prayed.

Wed, I came home from work. N had picked up D from school that day as it was his custody day.

My mom was in the driveway and informed me of the news that could potentially change D and my lives forever.

N had been charged with 2 counts first degree felony rape - I found out via our local online news webpage.

He was not on a business trip over the weekend, he was in jail, currently out on a $50,000 bond.

God put many many things into place for me to safely take action.

I borrowed money and hired an AMAZING attorney (couldn't use my divorce attorney bc N had hired that firm for his felony case!!!Ha! Doesn't get much narcier than that!)

D is with me now on an ex parte temporary custody arrangement for 4 weeks until there can be a custody hearing,at which time my attorney and I are going to request Supervised visitation only until N's felony trial which could be up to a year from now.

I had voiced my concerns of N potentially grooming D during our divorce but no one in the court would hear me ("it's not illegal to get a bath with your 4 year old").

I have a long road to go and honestly, N is so smooth, he could get out of this and take me back to court for custody after his plea bargain or trial. But I will keep praying for D's protection...please pray with me....

I havn't read some of the newer posts on here but I want to tell everyone reading this to Pray and do not stop Praying for the truth in your situation to be revealed and for your protection/ your child(ren)s protection. God is listening.....and he is forming a plan.

Please understand I don't wish harm on anyone, the rumor is the victim of the rape is a 19 year old and N's wife may possibly get charged with serving a minor during the party where the incident apparently took place.

What I don't know is if D was at N's house where the incident allegedly took place, my attorney is trying to find out the date of the incident from the prosecuting attorney (it apparently happened sometime in June).

Thank you all for reading. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on how this might turn out.

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Prayer answered

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Control from Prison

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1 yr and a sex offender

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Be glad he has a record for

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I don't judge you at all. I

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Thanks DS that helps

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