Narc Hoovering is The Absolute Worst.

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#1 August 20, 2017 - 5:53pm

Narc Hoovering is The Absolute Worst.

This is my second attempt at NC. Blocked him on Facebook (business and personal), blocked him on my phone, so a month later he finds and adds me on Instagram, then he creates a new Facebook account to message me and friend me on. He messaged me "Why the blocking?" and I thought "Indeed, why do I bother?!?! He will just slither in the back window while I am locking the front door..." Wtf...will this ever end?! This is so damned hard. I can't remember ever feeling so strongly for a man, why is it that the only one I want ends up being completely toxic and broken?!

It's doubly screwed up because he is chasing me, trying to cheat on his wife with me. He has been messaging me for over a year trying to worm his way in and I will NOT be a party to infidelity, which probably makes me even more irresistible for him - forbidden candy! So now he has his new Facebook account for his double life and in a moment of weakness I looked at it. Just some background for you -on the surface he's your typical white, middle aged guy in a corporate job and one of his posts is so pathological talking about his joyless, lifeless "default life" (meaning his conventional, married life with his kids and the woman he VOWED to love and protect for the rest of his life) and his "real life" , which is really a fake construct that he indulges in - a bohemian dreamland where he can be "artsy", free, and promiscuous. He is compartmentalizing his "respectable" life and his dirtbag life. It's really sick! From his posts I can see he is up to the same old shit of flattering random women, trying to get them to sleep with him. Now it is just easier because he can do it away from the prying eyes of his wife, family, and work contacts! I want to respond to this woman's comment on his page where she giggles over his flattery of her: "Omg, girl! Is he sexting you, too?!?! Tells you you're beautiful? That he loves you? That he is going to leave his wife, he just needs to get his financials in order first so the kids will be ok? Do you think his wife knows that he sends this shit to random women on the internet?!?! Girl, message me! Let's compare notes! lol!"

That would be *very* satisfying but I suppose it would break NC..... *sigh*
When will this bs end?! I feel like I will be dodging him for the rest of my life...

August 22, 2017 - 12:08pm

Hi, sorry this


August 22, 2017 - 4:58pm (Reply to #2)

Thanks for your support,

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