2 years looking back

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#1 Jun 12 - 8PM
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2 years looking back

Hey guys...

Some of you might remember me...others might not.

I owe a lot to this sight... it was a place to vent. This forum was a sounding board for my feelings and my thoughts. The members here are a rock solid foundation for here.

For the men here suffering with discovering that their EX is a narc, it will get better. You will persevere.

Its been two years since I've had any contact with my Ex-narc gf.

Guys and gals I'm back and asking for your help.

I'm afraid I am becoming that which brought me here in the first place. I have not been able to have a consistent relationship since my separation from the narc. In fact I've had several "flings" which ended with me terminating the relationship in a very unflattering fashion simply because I was selfish (I'm trying to be honest here.. I dont know why I ended it other than I decided "me time" was more important).

Its like I tried to fill this void in my life and when I realized these poor young ladies werent the answer I just tossed them aside... I do not want to cause the heartache and distress that was done to me... I feel horrible. Does anyone have any experience or insight to guide me in this stage of detox...am I becoming the very thing I despise?

Jun 19 - 2PM
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Hi GSO, I'm in the same boat

Jun 13 - 7PM
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It's common

Jun 13 - 11AM
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I'm pretty sure you know the

Jun 12 - 8PM
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I just went over this post

Jun 13 - 2AM (Reply to #2)
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Hi Gso88

The Narcissists Girlfriend