Received a text....

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#1 Dec 14 - 6AM
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Received a text....

It was short, to the point, about a certain sexual activity. I received no other texts or calls. I admit, I am struggling as this is very typical for him and in the past I would have quickly responded if only to see him. This time, I haven't responded (yet). I hate not responding, it makes me think that I am abandoning him and that is the last thing I want to do, but I don't want to feel like an object anymore.

Trying to stay strong, but wavering.

Dec 17 - 4PM
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Well..I made it a whole 5 days before I broke down and sent him an email. I expect that I will hear nothing back since I'll probably be punished for not responding right away. :(
Dec 17 - 6PM (Reply to #8)
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are you the one that said he wouldnt spend time with unless you sent him pictures?? or was that someone else?
Dec 17 - 7PM (Reply to #9)
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That was someone else....

I think perhaps I am portraying Mr. N a bit harshly...afterall, I am the one who allowed him to believe it was ok to be this "to the point". I don't think he is evil incarnant. I think he is being as honest about who he is as he can be. No intimacy...just f***ing.
Dec 17 - 7PM (Reply to #10)
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I don't think your being

I don't think your being harsh at all. He just conditioned you into thinking its ok. Its not
Dec 17 - 5PM (Reply to #7)
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You are worth so much more

You are worth so much more than this (((((TRN1))))
Dec 14 - 8AM
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sorry to say this

I don't want to be rude, but you're not a prostitute. So it is really indecent that he sends you a text message like that. Really, just ignore that. You're so much better than that. Don't degrade yourself to his level of consciousness by responding. He is a pathetic f**k.
Dec 14 - 9AM (Reply to #5)
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I agree with Anne

How infantile! He is sexting you? What is he 14? Yikes!
Dec 14 - 7AM
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You dont want to abandon him????

How often has he abandoned you? And he texts you sexual, and you feel guilty??? Thats brainwash!!! Dont responf! Get angry hun.
Dec 14 - 7AM
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Don't do it!!

Don't respond. You deserve better than this treatment! You don't hear from him for how long and now he just texts a command basically for you to service him??? I am so mad at him right now for you!! You are not abandoning him. He was never involved enough for you to abandon. Take care of the person who matters, and that is you. Delete the text and let it go. He deserves no more from you.
Dec 14 - 7AM
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Isn't it weird how we think WE are abandoning THEM when we don't respond???? So crazy and mixed up, I know how you feel though. I'm lucky, we don't live in the same country so the temptation is no longer there for me, all I can say is...don't do it, for your own sanity, it will only destroy you again and again....they are so horrible and know which buttons to push. You're doing great by being here and showing how strong you are - think about why you're out now and what going back will do? He'll get what he wants, will you? You'll only be hurt again and you're too good for that.....try to resist, you'll thank yourself for