finding out about the gangbang with my friend,my bf,and bstfriend fiance.....

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#1 Sep 2 - 10PM
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finding out about the gangbang with my friend,my bf,and bstfriend fiance.....

Am i living a nightmare i can never wake up from?? I ran into a former employee of my N...and he heard that N was telling everyone that i was a crazy bitch...anyway,he asked if we could talk..he was totally sweet about everything and said that everything i suspected and more was true. I just told him to spit it out..anyway,it turns out a woman that me and my best girlfriend had befriended had fucked both of our fiance's...i remember the night,leah,had come over after fight with her husband and i was leaving for the weekend for work with my N and my best friends guy(the guys were also bf's) were drinking and leah was drinking too..anyway,turns out they had a gangbang that night,and leah continued fucking both of our guys separately on a regular basis....anyway,best friends guy and my N's bf,gets killed in a tragic car accident,crazy story,my N should've been with him,and he was supposed to be somewhere else,i was at their house listening to my pissed girlfriend about how her guy hadn't answered her calls.....when the cops showed up at the door to let her know he had been killed 4hours earlier.....anyway,turns out my N and him were bragging about their excapades with the horsefaced whore...she started sending them pornographic pics,etc,according to the ex employee,and i promise,he has no agenda,just a good christian, today i decide to email my gf(haven't really talked since the death...long story),and tell her after seeing pics of her and Leah on facebook...i don't want her letting this whore around her new bf....okay,i know it takes 2 to tango,but when a woman is putting her naked parts in your guys face,and sending pornographic pics and telling him what she'd do to him.....guys have a hard time saying no....anyway,my gf calls me hysterical,saying WTF, i said everything i told you is true,many other people saw leah on my gf's boat when he was 'working'..also, plus the nasty gangbang took place in MY bed.....i'm sooo disgusted and just sad......i mean really sad........i can't get the image out of my head.....and him fucking her in my bed on our boat...what a day......will i ever catch a break????

Sep 3 - 3AM
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OMG!!!!!!!!! This is so awfull, I have no words!!!!!!!!! This is so disgusting, and it all happened in your bed? I would get an exorcist to get the bedroom "cleaned". These guys dont have any boundaries or values. I am really really shocked and disgusted. I mean a gorilla has more sensitivity than this guy. I hope you have someone who helps you in this hard time, yes sometimes I thought too, does it never end or can it get worse? And it always did, every detail I catched was more awfull than the one before. I am with you in my heart sweetsam. Please try to look forward, one day you will be again a happy smiling person, and this hopefully wont bother you anymore.
Sep 2 - 11PM
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Don't even know what to say but sorry you are going thru/went thru ALL of this shit !! Hang in there girl !! Sending hugs !! :)
Sep 2 - 11PM (Reply to #2)
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trying my best to be normal

I sometimes feel like i'm living a trashy novel,but it's all's bizarre and surreal..I'm just a normal girl,no crazy fetishes,disorders,ect....and i'm talking about a gangbang that happened in my bedroom with people i trusted?? Talking about hookers,whores,std's,the list can go on......what sucks,is the fact that i never put myself in any of these disgusting situations,yet,i'm the one suffering because of them...maybe i'm just feeling sorry for myself,but i was doing so good,then this......imagine the visions going on in my head right now.....i'm physically ill....
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i feel for you ...sweetsamm

I can feel what you are going trough right now,me too found out things about ex N and still having visions about that after 2 years D&D....i wish you strenght ...hughs