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Oct 18 - 10PM (Reply to #109)
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he used women's perfume to freshen up his clothes? Like instead of Febreze or something? That's wacky.
Oct 18 - 5PM
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Bag of chips

The ex-Psych professor and I shared a bag of chips at the coffee shop. Obviously, he wasn't interested in eating it all. I basically got the leftovers. Thank God I never went on a formal romantic date with the guy... It probably would've been McDonald's,because some of my classmates caught him wolfing down hamburgers there... and he talked about what a moral vegetarian he was(!!!)
Oct 18 - 5PM (Reply to #89)
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And the oscar goes to...Susan32!!!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I think you just won the first price for the most awkward present someone ever got from a psycho LOOOL.
Oct 18 - 5PM (Reply to #90)
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I forgot the mint leaf...

He dramatically picked a mint leaf for me, sniffed it, and handed it to me. I kept it in my pocket... eventually it blackened, became...well, NOTHING. According to Greek mythology, mint was the herb of Hades, the god of the underworld. (His girlfriend had an "Anubis" bumper sticker, and Anubis was the Egyptian judge of the dead) Potato chips or mint leaf? And no, I haven't forgotten "Wittgenstein, Tolstoy, and the Meaning of Life." I'll have to Google it. That article brought everything full circle. It revealed the ex-P to be a bully in the beginning... and after the D&D.
Oct 18 - 6PM (Reply to #107)
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i have to read this...i have been meaning to....
Oct 18 - 6PM (Reply to #91)
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does his name start with c, and his lastname with a t?
Oct 22 - 2AM (Reply to #106)
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Behind with c , ends with

Behind with c , ends with t What a coincidence, that was my exnh name toi
Oct 18 - 7PM (Reply to #92)
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Yes it does, like the brain scan....

Frankly, he needed a CT scan, and an MRI to go with it. CT are indeed his initials. His father is-thank God-more famous and rightly so. Before reading the essay, you may need- 1)Dunkin' Donuts Turbo coffee 2)Starbucks coffee 3)5 hour energy drink And that's just for the first page! The copy of the essay he gave me could be given to UMass Medical for a hefty sum, so that the psychology majors in the abnormal section will have something contextual... when they're studying autism, psychopathology, logomania. If somebody wanted to work in the mental health field, it would be required reading. "This is your brain on drugs".... *fries egg* "This is your brain on narcissism"....*scrambles egg,adds diced spinach,onions,bell peppers*
Oct 18 - 8PM (Reply to #93)
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I tried to find a pic of him Susan

but I didnt, he is now in santa fe, right? I tried to read the stuff, but oh boy, this is hard to read for me, especially cause its not my mother language.
Oct 19 - 7PM (Reply to #105)
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This link's for you!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this article-
Oct 18 - 8PM (Reply to #94)
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He used to look good...

He's not one of those FB Narcs who displays himself for the world to see. Briseis is probably more right on with the Jabba the Hutt analogy. He was getting plump a decade ago... I'd probably barf if I saw him now. "It's not my mother language"-If I tried translating his essay into English on Babel Fish, it would malfunction. Yes, I was in New Mexico when I was D&D'd.... that's where I WAS... a decade ago...
Oct 18 - 8PM (Reply to #95)
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well i tried his email on fb Susan

and at least he is not registered with his st.john's college email there. Gosh I guess thats my thing, huh, stalking people online, I should become a private detective.
Oct 19 - 5PM (Reply to #99)
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There are many Narcs on FB, not ALL Narcs are on FB...

Maybe because of that good ol' fear of exposure? Facebook is paradise for Narcs who like displaying themselves... but I think for some of them, there's nothing like paranoia to keep them away. What if someone from the past finds out where they are? What if someone wants to settle an old score? Or just play a prank? Besides, there's vanity. If you once prided yourself in looks, and those good looks are gone gone gone... you wouldn't want to flaunt it.
Oct 19 - 10PM (Reply to #104)
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FB Susan32 you are right

My XN will not join FB simply because I found out what was going on in his life that he did not tell me. Though none of it was bad so to speak, there is obviously a lot more that he did not want me to know about. I think the cerebrals are less likely to haunt facebook, because it is more about what they DO rather than what they ARE (somatic).


Oct 19 - 9PM (Reply to #103)
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Thats why mine got off FB. I am convinced someone threatened him with pictures. Perhaps the indvidual that took those risque pics of him on his Harley. hmmmmm
Oct 19 - 6PM (Reply to #100)
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Oh I know narc on FB who uses pics from a decade ago...lool I love the synchronicity bwt...war and war and war lool
Oct 20 - 8PM (Reply to #102)
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It gets better

I'm sure you've heard of the LGBT anti-bullying campaign "It gets better" after the suicides of Tyler Clementi at Rutgers, etc. I think "It Gets Better" is in a sense our motto as well. No longer having to praise dreck like "war and war and war and war and war".... IT GETS BETTER! I find it ironic that in "War and Peace" that it's the Narc Prince Andrei (the ex-P's favorite character, who, interestingly, is an idol of literary fangirl adoration like Edward Cullen,or Legolas) and his wife Princess Lisa are the ones who end up destroyed. Tolstoy was a Narc. Andrei is a self-destructing Narc, his life is described by Tolstoy as a living death... and his narcissism destroys his wife Lisa. But it's the generous, self-sacrificing, emotional, empathetic Pierre and Natasha who get married in the end and get the Happily Ever After. Their union embodies, to quote an online analysis, "renewal and optimism." Pierre and Natasha, who have feelings, who care about others... THEY WIN!
Oct 19 - 6PM (Reply to #101)
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One of the posters here wisely uses the Jung quote "what we do not confront in ourselves we meet as fate." All I know about the ex-P is that he looked good back in '96... by the turn of the millennium, he had gotten paunchy, he had crows' feet, and he was way out of shape. His teeth had been rotten from the get-go. Performing an oral on him would've meant taking him to the dentist... giving him a toothbrush and mouthwash, as well as floss.. Some Christians believe in saving sex for marriage... I believed in saving kissing after a thorough visit to the dentist. I had never seen anyone go downhill so fast in 4 years. A somatic narc would've at least taken SOME pride in his physical attributes. What's funny is that at another forum (on a humor thread, of course), I've mentioned "Wittgenstein, Tolstoy, and the Meaning of Life" and they think I'm parodying a self-important philosophical essay. It DOES sound like parody. But it's for real. The ex-P was paranoid that I was making copies&selling it... um, that's what I've been doing with my OWN writing now. Why would I steal his? WTH? For 7 years, I've published my own work, not anyone else's. And to think the essay that he got riled up about&flew into a Narc rage is still in the public domain... you don't have to pay to read it...
Oct 18 - 8PM (Reply to #96)
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Battlestar Galactica has better scripts...

Than Narcs/Psychs. There's more philosophical food for thought. And he's not paired with Gina Inivere, since his Ideal Woman would be a robotic lesbian. "I'm a machine! I don't want to be human!"-Brother Cavil
Oct 18 - 8PM (Reply to #97)
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yes its really blahblah talk Susan

I couldnt even read through the first 2 sides, I just read war and war and war...and blahblahblah... Hey and I read lately, he enjoyed playing a cylon cause he is not human. - oh boy. ah no it was his FAVORITE role, cause it was not human, even worse.
Oct 18 - 10PM (Reply to #98)
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Okay, now that was just weird...

When one of my classmates first read that article online back in '96, he said the SAME THING, that the ex-P's article translated as "war and war and war and war and war." Different gender, different age, different time period... same conclusions. No wonder the Jungian therapist I've been talking to is big into synchronicity. One of the ex-P's favorite movie series (it was his circle of young male disciples who were privy to this information) is the Terminator one... killer androids. I'm glad I'm saying "ex-P" instead of "ex-P boyfriend" or "ex-P husband" or "ex-P father of my children." Weird. And also a GREAT relief! Amen!
Oct 18 - 3PM
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the n gave me a hairbrush

cause he didnt like my old one.
Oct 18 - 3PM
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My xnh gave me new exhaust

My xnh gave me new exhaust pipe tips for my car for Christmas one year. Oh yeah, I was laying awake dreaming of a romantic gift like exhaust tips. Trust me, I was NOT the one that was concerned about my car sounding "cool". One of my former step-daughters called my xnh a "car spaz". He would actually download mp3's of sports cars running so that he could listen to the sounds. IMO, there is something seriously wrong with a man that loves the sound of another man's exhaust. rofl.

God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.

Oct 18 - 2PM
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speaking of gifts

this is for the books, because it shows how little the man KNEW ME, an electric drill, great, except I am probablythe least handyman in this whole group!! i could start a new profession, never know.................
Oct 18 - 2AM
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electric extenstion lead. ???
Oct 17 - 10PM
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i would DEMAND gifts. i got a 2000 portrait, he ruined that for me, though, but thats a long story. i got a pearl necklace once, lots and lots of flowers, fancy dinners. i wouldn't get swept up by a narc who was cheap. lol ranch dressing. thats freaking awesome.
Oct 17 - 2PM
CarolKittyGale (not verified)
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A pair of shoes for my birthday that he told me he would give me the money for and never did so I bought them and one red rose, what a bunch of stingy b*****ds these blokes really are....
Oct 17 - 1PM
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What presents?

Ya'll got presents????
Oct 18 - 4PM (Reply to #80)
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... LMFAO :)
Oct 19 - 12AM (Reply to #81)
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Damn Bloke

I feel like I missed a party but from what Im reading I didnt miss much LOL!