I feel so stupid....

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I feel so stupid....

I had an affair with my ex boss when we used to work together. Then after my ex husband made me tell the wife, my ex boss/lover stopped talking to me. I feel so stupid bc after 13 years of thinking EVERYTHING was my fault, I now realize he’s your typical narcissist. I just feel so stupid. For years I thought I was crazy and delusional and none of it was true. After a brief run in with him when they came and vacationed in Myrtle Beach where I live, he’s up to his old ways. This time I’ve gotten smarter bc I have a sister whose a narc and I know how to deal with her so I recognized his patterns. Now he’s trying to say that I sent stuff to his mom and that’s why he can’t forgive me. I know for a fact I never sent a damn thing to his mommy or anyone else. I had to get therapy bc I wasn’t sure if I was sane or not! I too have a mental illness of borderline personally disorder but that doesn’t make me crazy. Why do they always come back?

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