Don't be fooled, the NARC'S are setting up their "Winter Nests."

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Oct 14 - 1PM
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thankyou goldie

Tho i met narc in the march, it didnt get full on till july, I used to invite him home, he said no....then one day he said yes...NOVEMBER....he had also, I know now met his ow in he had 2 warm homes to go fed...use my laptop[scream scream]....use my tv ,but most of all use me...that was daytime, he had to leave at 9pm cos I insisted on this cos he drained me[Bigredflag] then went on to the ow,s....i know this days with me, nights with her.... not a bad life, for a lowlife scumbag....he must have thought he was in heaven......
Oct 14 - 2PM (Reply to #17)
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Energy of a narc

Wow. Another on the spot characterization. My narc worked variable shifts, would travel by train through several states to see me, take the train back home and go to work without a stop home. I marveled at it. At the time, I thought he was so in love in me that he would move mountains to be with me. No, he would do whatever he had to do to get his supply, and baby, I was a great source of supply. I am so glad I found this site. Description after description is so on target. It's amazing how wonderful they can make themselves look to us and then we read each others' posts and find out that underneath they are the SAME. NOTHING unique. As my sister said, you thought you got your Prince Charming and he would up being a used car salesman.
Oct 14 - 1PM (Reply to #14)
Done sourcing
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Used, I couldn't help but

Used, I couldn't help but wonder in learning of your narcs busy schedule how the hell he managed to pull that off. I couldn't imagine having that much energy. Then it hit me, they get the energy from the supply...holy shit...we give it to them freely...the energy to keep screwing with our lives. Nc really does cut off the supply, literally! How cool is that. ds
Oct 16 - 1AM (Reply to #16)
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done sourcing

Is always very very smart. Please keep posting!
Oct 14 - 2PM (Reply to #15)
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yes, they get it from us, but if you think about my exn all he done was what a *normal* man who do in a day and night, but withonly one women...he used to phone about 10am, i either went out and met him,or he came here, then he would leave at 9pm,and go to her...get something else to eat[he doesnt stop eating], then tv i guess, but with her ,sex and bed...i am guessing he stayed the night, but early on in the game, he said i never stay all night[not about me] i do what i have to do and leave about 2/3, i thought he was talking about past r/s...not an ongoing with about live and learn....but i can handle that...what did suprise me...that his ow stood for that.i wouldnt let a man round at 9pm at night for food and sex....i would ask him where the fuck he has been......but thats another
Oct 14 - 1PM
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Omg, Goldie this post is so

Omg, Goldie this post is so true! I was like "A-HA!" for many times, while reading. They change with the seasons! That part described my N head to toe! He D&D after the winter was almost over. He had a song for me from Led Zeppelin, "Baby, I`ll leave you when the summer comes along!" Haha, no wonder! No more, no more. When you get to the point when you see through them so well, they are really predictable.
Oct 14 - 1PM
58 and going strong
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Thanks, Goldie, and add to

Thanks, Goldie, and add to their securing winter supply our own higher susceptibility at that time of the year: Shorter days, more rain, gloomy days and generalized winter depression setting in . . . Nobody wants to be lonely, and especially not over the holidays.-- And now I understand why the majority of my relationships since the time I started dating about 40 years ago would beginn in fall.
Oct 14 - 1PM
Done sourcing
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Goldie, Areyou sure its not

Goldie, Areyou sure its not the Halloween Syndrome. These Narcs feel especially comfortable on that day because everyone wears a mask. Trick or treat, or in their case it is always treat then trick... ds
Oct 14 - 4PM (Reply to #10)
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Smiling here ds! Good one!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 14 - 2PM (Reply to #9)
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Treat then trick... lol

Thanks DS foa a good portion of laugh!
Oct 14 - 1PM (Reply to #8)
58 and going strong
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ds, would give you several

ds, would give you several more up-votes if I could . . . Thanks for the big smile you brought to me!
Oct 14 - 1PM (Reply to #7)
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Good 1 DS, Lol

Yes, sounds about right. God bless, Goldie
Oct 14 - 1PM
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Winter nests

Eegads. My narc was the opposite for some reason. Both my D&D happened a few weeks before Thanksgiving (one year apart). Well I guess there is exception to every rule! Thanks for this though. Gosh the holidays are a tough time of year. hugs, Rose
Oct 14 - 1PM (Reply to #5)
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Yes, Rose the Holidays are tough

Thank goodness we all have each other for the upcoming Holiday Season. God bless, Goldie
Oct 14 - 1PM
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Thanks Goldie!

This is amazing! I met mine beginning of September, we got together end of October, first D&D late May, severe withdrawal on his part the following fall, really bad behaviour caused me to leave him in Spring the following year. Are they really that predictable, primitive and pre-programmed? (Rhetorical question). I appreciate you immensely! Tigerlily
Oct 14 - 1PM
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"Winter Fuckfest Nests" Where my ExN lives in the winter it's extremely cold and desolate. Last winter when he was charming the bejeezus out of me and I came to the realization reading this that's what he was EXACTLY doing! AIYAH!!! I'm just hoping now that he got married in May to his "Mommy" that he leaves me the F*** alone and doesn't come sniffing. Yeah NC for the past 5 months has been soooo wonderful, peaceful, drama-free....ahhhhhhhhhhh
Oct 14 - 1PM
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You are SO right, Goldie!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I am stunned you posted this, my jaw is dropped you are so DEAD ON it's unreal!!! God, these PD's make me sick, mine included....this is so spot on it isn't even funny........... love~ Layla