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Hi everyone....I haven't been on in a few days because I'm on vacation.....so I flew in on Friday and didnt check my voicemails to today...I had one...and guess who it was....the OW who called me last month because she had no idea that my ex had a girlfriend (me) of 8 years left me a message probably when my phone was off when I was flying...last month she called me and some of you may remember the story....my ex met her on a dating website and she lives 1300 miles away...I am pretty sure she would fly to meet him when he traveled on business...and she finally came to visit my once home because I was D&D at end of April...anyway my ex texted me the first morning she was there and I texted him back stating I didn't want to speak to him anymore (I had no idea the OW came to visit him and he told me he never met her before)she must have saw our texts and called and wanted to know who I was...he told her we broke up two years ago...obviously he was lying...so she called and said who is this and I said this is (my name) who is this you called me..she figured out right away bc she knew my name...and was like WTF I pare they in contact if they broke up two years ago..anyway he was busted...but I wasn't sure if she believed me or not...so I moved on and stayed NC with him...

So anyway she left a message on friday saying " hi I got a missed call from this number...please call me back my number is xxxxxx"...first off I haven't had contact with him or her for over a month...she obviously from what I gather put two and two together from what I told her when she called and is perhaps looking to apologize or get more info...

I'm happy my phone was off bc I'm 33days no contact and my anxiety has lowered and my caring has lowered...I was extremely nice to her last month because I knew she had no idea my ex had a gf...bc she reached out to me I told her the truth and let it go...

So for all of you out there...I will not return her call...but if she calls again and my phone is on, do I tell her anything she is looking for...I realky don't care if she stays with him at this point bc he's not my problem now...do I tell her to perhaps be her from his vile existence...again I'm not going out of my way and neve have...I never tried to break them up on my end...just stated the truth bc I know I would want to know the truth...

Thoughts? And remember she called me twice...she knows something is up...he is out of my life and everyday it gets better and better....and this poor woman is newly divorced with three young children and lives far from him where she won't get to see the real him....

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I never said to let the OW

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Done sourcing
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Block, and if you can't

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Well..honestly...the next she

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Completely disagree with

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I agree with you..it is

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That is perfect....thank

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'The truth'

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Contacting the OW

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You know I use to want to