yard work = therapy

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#1 May 11 - 4PM
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yard work = therapy

The snow is finally all gone in my yard. My kids and I just took some time to clean things up and get ready for spring. It gave me such a good feeling. The exN was terrible about getting stuff done. He either neglected it or did it poorly. I cleaned up some of his messes that he left behind nice. It felt great to through pieces of him in to the trash. He was a smoker and left cig butts every where. He used to do that on purpose because he knew how much he upset me. The kids got the lawn furniture out and set it up nice on the deck. Things have been frozen in time around here. I couldn't bring myself to do much. Not only did it feel good to do it without him but it made me realize I don't need him. In fact it is better without him. I was great about taking care of myself when I met him. Then when I would get on a role and get a lot of projects done instead of being happy he would get mad and say "you don't need me" So.....then I stopped doing so much and left things for him and then he was angry and said that I was just using him to do stuff for me. WTF?
It was so nice to get stuff done today and not worry about upsetting him. I can so do this without him!

May 13 - 4AM
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That's the spirit!

May 11 - 6PM
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That's the spirit! In early

Journey on...

May 12 - 1AM (Reply to #3)
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Same over here!

May 11 - 4PM
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