Always Remember Why The Narcissist Chose Us

I want to bump up this post by Mariline as I believe it is so important we remember why the narcissist chose us. Too often, we are made to feel we should have known better or we were "duped" easily by these narcissistic con-men.

I want us all to remember that they targeted us because we are caring, compassionate, intelligent, successful and independent women. We are not weak and naive as some would like to suggest.

Narcissists choose us because they know they can take a lot from us and gain tremendously by being in a relationship with us. These men want to be taken care of and choose only the best and the brightest to take care of them. For this, we should never feel ashamed. Angry, sure, but never ashamed.

Thanks Mariline for this post. It sums it up beautifully and poetically....

"Remember why they chose us.

They chose us because we were vulnerable, okay-but we were because we are sensitive and caring people.

They chose us because we were naive, okay, but we were because we are strong enough to trust people and to have values in such a world like this.

They chose us because they are very selfish, and they wanted to give little, they did not have to take care of us-and it is so because we are perfectly capable to take care of ourselves! We do not need them, only in our minds it is so.


..they chose us because we are FULL OF POTENTIAL.
Because we are full and they are void: we are everything they are not, this is why they hate us.

They chose us because we are beautiful, in some way we boosted their egos. We are beautiful, and intelligent, we are something that gave them a sense of superiority.
We are.......beautiful people, inside and outside.

Remember why they chose us when you hear their words of despise; there is a proverb in Italy, I am sure you have it the same, it says "the one who despises is the one who buy"

Remember who you are, and remember they knew it in the first place, even if now they pretend you are a big mistake.

Remember who you are."

by Mariline

May 24 - 4PM
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This is empowering! Thank

This is empowering! Thank You! Thank God there are people out there who own these qualities! nolongercontrolled