Shut the F up I'm talking Now!

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Shut the F up I'm talking Now!

I'm so sick of hearing your mouth running like a freaking monster ,You are the devil himself you treat people that love you like shit and you act so fake around other people to impress them. You are and will always look like a old piece of shit everyone knows how much you are a lier ,dead beat dad, a womanizer and a woman abuser.You keep on saying you are so sick and don't have long to live with your mysterious sickness well when in the hell is it going to take place you were supposed to go how many years ago.You have beaten me cheated on me disrespected me called me the most nastiest names for NO REASON to make your self feel like a man for 18 years But guess what buddy you are a coward a sissy and a MAN WHORE .I'm not going to walk on pins and needles anymore because I don't know what is going to happen and I will not allow our children the two precious babies your blood see me cry anymore . A husband is supposed to be your best friend your partner I will show them you are beneath me I'm stronger than you I will protect them. They don't like being around or not that close to you maybe because you Never showed up to any of there activities at school or after school.You never spent time with them or maybe because they will get happy you want to take them to a movie once in a blue moon but when they get there its a movie about violence and guns that you would like not for little girls.Holidays or any other day is boring with you You stay in the bedroom watching movies not even caring what is going on with your family in the living room or other parts of the house.You made me feel ugly like I was nothing for so many years but guess what I'm beautiful even with the scars I have on my body when I was burned with boiling water on thanksgiving you said it was a accident well guess what mother Fucker it would of never happened if you were not punching me by the stove because I did not want to get your donuts because I was cooking my hands were in a bowl and I told you to get it!I feel sorry for you ! you will never be happy because you are a miserable piece of shit that likes to prey on sweet caring woman I know I will never see you in the after life because I will be in Heaven and I know for a fact you will go strait to HELL. Tina Turner Baby I'm Tina and you are the piece of shit IKE!

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Y E A H ! ! ! (fist in the

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