Adios, Momma's Boy

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#1 Jul 6 - 2PM
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Adios, Momma's Boy

Dear Momma's Boy,

The amount of clarity I have now that I've not seen your face or heard your voice in over a month is astounding. I know I got a little nutty while trying to deal with the sudden discard, but I'm OK with that. I'm allowed to do that and feel the way I feel.

Looking back over the relationship, here are the things that would've eventually caused me to opt out:
- Your poor hygeine
- Your insatiable dope smoking habit
- Your irresponsibility
- Your psycho fallback girl
- Your low self-esteem
- Your laziness
- Your pig sty that you call home
- Your weird obsession with your mother
- Your hot and cold game playing
- Your ridiculously picky eating habits
- Your passive-aggressiveness
- Your sarcasm when you don't get your way
- Your overgrown yard
- Your fragile ego
- Your paranoia
- Your clumsy feet that you're always tripping over
- Your vagueness
- Your need to betray
- Your desire to cross major boundaries
- Your dodging blame abilities
- Your lies
- Your infatuation with barely legal young women
- Your immaturity

What will I miss? OK OK I'll be honest. You were an amazing lover, but I need and deserve much better than that and much better than you.

So yeah, this is it! Adios to ya. Tell your mommy I said hello.

Jul 28 - 4PM
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same here

Jul 6 - 2PM
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