Kept hearing Hunter's words-CONTACT= PAIN

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Kept hearing Hunter's words-CONTACT= PAIN

Hi all,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. I just wanted to post about some things that have happened. Since blocking my ex (thx Hunter), I got an email from him from an account I never even knew about. This was at the beginning of this week. It said this

"I don't understand why you won't accept my calls or my emails. Can you just let me know you're ok at least?"

I must admit, I was tempted to respond. I then heard Hunter's words "CONTACT=PAIN." I kept repeating that to myself all that day, and eventually the temptation to respond wore off.

I was having some health issues the last months we were still together. He was not there for me during that time, and now he is trying to fool me into thinking he actually cares. I remember that day telling a close male friend about what happened.

This is what he told me

"If you want to be abused, respond. if you don't, then don't respond, got it? Either you like to be punished, or you don't, either you have a problem, or you don't"

He is right. I had a choice. One direction would take me down a path of emotional turmoil. The other would keep me in the position to think clearly and continue to get stronger.

I am posting this because I want to advise everyone having their moments of weakness where they feel like responding to/contacting their ex to ride out that feeling. You will be so much better off for it. I know I am.

I am a little over 8 weeks NC. Though I still have work to do, I feel like I am finding myself-my old self, and I really like that person.

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Thank you for sharing this

Jun 23 - 11PM
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Excellent story!!!

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Jenna H
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lostmyself thanks for sharing

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Hunter rocks, and you have an