This Valentine's Day...

This Valentine's Day...

27% of men said their romantic resolution is to have sex with the lights on
80% of people think they will get lucky this Valentine's Day
Less than 50% of people had good luck last year
40% of women want to try something new and kinky this Valentine’s Day
85% of women surveyed own a sex toy
57% of people in a new relationship (less than one year) talk about sex every day
50% of the population is single
54% of women say they are in a relationship, but it is not with their soul mate….WTF?!!

Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day in our culture, but what is it we are really celebrating?

This Valentine’s Day, I’d like to point out how few people realize that the occasion of Valentine’s Day is NOT rooted so much in “love” but in “lovesickness.”

The Greek Poetess, Sapho who was known to fall hard for the men in her life once wrote “That man seems to me like the Gods…..this terrifies my heart.”

To be lovesick is to be blinded or so disillusioned by another person that you can’t see them for who they really are...this is truly terrifying because it is very dangerous.

We put ourselves in a position to be taken advantage of when we become lovesick. It’s careless and we simply must guard our hearts more than that. We owe it to ourselves.

So this year on Valentine’s Day, instead of wanting to be lovesick over someone, let’s celebrate the love we have for ourselves for a change.

After an emotionally abusive relationship, it is critical that we spend time alone and begin to nurture our relationship with ourselves. Self-compassion is the key to our recovery.

Although taking care of yourself will feel foreign at first, it is the best thing you can do right now. You must spend time alone before jumping into a new relationship. You need to find yourself again and enjoy the benefits of being alone. There are many.

We spend way too much time trying to form and nurture relationships with others who could potentially be our soul mate, when the whole time we neglect to nurture our relationship with ourselves! It is time to have a love affair with yourself!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” ~ Oscar Wilde

You are finally living in the light and moving away from the darkness. It is time to connect with yourself again. Being in touch with yourself and your true emotions is truly a gift that we all should give ourselves.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of wanting to be lovesick with our head in the clouds over someone, let's celebrate the person we know we can always count on...ourselves!!!!!


Apr 23 - 12PM
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Valentine's Day has a whole new meaning to me.

Apr 5 - 6PM
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I told my guy

Mar 17 - 7PM
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A Necessary Distinction

Mar 18 - 12AM (Reply to #10)
Lisa E. Scott
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Mar 18 - 12AM (Reply to #11)
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Yes, it is just about

Feb 20 - 11PM
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Oh really? Now I know. Maybe

Oh really? Now I know. Maybe some may find it love sick but for me I think its more on emotional condition. Well, anyways, there are some great apps for Valentine's Day out there. The holiday, such as it is, can be a big pain to pull it off properly. Article source: No need for Cupid with the right Valentine’s Day apps. Though Feb.14 already passed. Still February days are hearts day!
Feb 14 - 5PM
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Thank you Lisa, for

Thank you Lisa, for everything.
Feb 14 - 11AM
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Lisa, you ROCK.

May it be on record that today, is ironically the first ever day I have checked in here without tears in my eyes or heart or soul. I think I just received my RELEASE from heartache. Good karma imho. I am glad to be ME. and even more glad to belong among all shining stars here at the forum. EACH person here is an AMAZING bundle of love, sincerity, and empathy.
Feb 15 - 9PM (Reply to #6)
Lisa E. Scott
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It's so wonderful to hear and see the progress you have made!!! You deserve to be released from your heartache so you can start focusing on yourself for a change!!!! You are so inspiring! XOXO
Feb 14 - 8AM
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Beautiful! Thanks Lisa!

Beautiful! Thanks Lisa!
Feb 14 - 7AM
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For the first time,

For the first time, Valentine's day has taken on a new meaning. This day symbolises that I am starting to be, truly be, with myself in every way. Thank you Lisa for making me and everyone in this site see that we are not alone, nor after this experience, shall ever be. XX, C
Feb 14 - 8AM (Reply to #3)
Lisa E. Scott
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Love this!

"This day symbolises that I am starting to be, truly be, with myself in every way." I love this, Anonymous! Thanks for your sweet responses everyone! None of us are alone in this struggle nor will we ever be...together, we will help each other find The Path Forward. Lots of Love, Lisa
Feb 14 - 7AM
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words as sweet... a heartshaped box of candy! With much less calories too. Have a great Valentines Day Lisa. -fefe


Feb 14 - 7AM (Reply to #1)
Lisa E. Scott
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Aww, thanks FeFe!

Thanks for the V-Day wishes, FearlessFemale! I wish you a happy day as well and look forward to talking tomorrow night on our weekly call!!! XOXO