Goodbye Heartless Man

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Goodbye Heartless Man

I have left my exN Husband 5 months ago, and have been divorced for 5 weeks now. Yesterday night as I want about to sleep I suddenly started crying, first real cry since the divorce occurred and felt so much rage towards him and started writing him the following message, but took a deep breath and fought the urge to not send it to not break NC and decided to share it here instead!

“I'm so angry at you for ruining my life and for ever meeting you. I had never in my whole life met a person with a harsh soul like you. You are the only person in my whole life that ever caused me any pain. You made my life so difficult, you never appreciated the many blessings in your life. You didn't even have a single real problem! You will move on and be happy and I'm the one left surviving your damage! The pathetic thing is I had truly loved you and believed in you, I wish I didn't so I could have never continued trying and hoping and praying for you and would have left you much earlier. I will never get back my best years of my wasted youth because of you! Good bye, I do not need you in my life anymore!”

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This is actually a very good

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Unfortunately I haven't found

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this shall pass
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I'm so glad you didn't send it