Surprise, Surprise...NOT

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#1 Feb 23 - 1PM
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Surprise, Surprise...NOT

This fucking idiot...he calls me yesterday on my office phone, the only place I can't block him. I saw it was him on caller ID and I got up and went to the bathroom so I wouldn't be tempted to pick up and tell him what a fucktard he is. He didn't leave a message and I didn't call back.

His call came a month to the day from his last communication, which came a week to the day from his previous one. Before I knew anything about Narcs or dosing, I always found it odd that his texts were so perfectly spaced...1 hour exactly from the time I texted him...24 hours exactly from his last text etc. Now that I know what I'm dealing with...I envision his calendar looking something like this:

February 21 - dose wife and baby
February 22 - dose Larry
February 23 - dose Curly
February 24 - dose Moe
February 25 & 26 - troll for new supply
February 27 - secure Shepp
February 28 - discard Larry

Feb 26 - 4PM
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Is there

Is there somewhere I could find more info on this topic, in particular? Dosing? Is there an alternate name for this? There is definitely a commonality here. I'd really like to read up more on this, if anyone has anything they'd recommend reading?
Feb 26 - 4AM
fooled no longer
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ha ha ha ha ha as so

ha ha ha ha ha as so many have said on here and I repeat, They are freaks!!! ITs like a box of mismatched parts cobbled together in their brains really once you see it its hilarious!!!!!!
Feb 23 - 5PM
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Mine was on a six week cycle

My N was/is on a six week cycle... He has lots of Ow's, so I assume it takes him that long to circle back around... lol... The first time he D&D me, we were apart for get this six weeks... When we got back together, I went thru his phone.. He had contacted 30 ow's. 20 didn't respond, 7 told him to drop dead and the other 3 were sleeping with him... Talk about sick... This was when I found this site and started to work on breaking away...
Feb 23 - 6PM (Reply to #10)
Maya (not verified)
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wow just wow

that is incredible
Feb 23 - 3PM
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Very good! Hunter

Very good! Hunter
Feb 23 - 3PM
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One month no contact today!

One month no contact today! So should I expect his usual email then? lol...the last time he went two weeks to the day before that to contact me, from the time before. Unreal how much these sicko's are so much the same, like they all read the same book on how to treat people, especially women! I figured out the OW and secondary women thing...I also figured out when I went from being his secondary to his primary OW...I think there were and are many, but I know when things changed with us, a girl had wrote something weird on his fb page and he deleted it. We had not been "seeing" eachother for a few weeks and I saw the msg. but didn't get it at the time. But then I became his primary...yes he gave me another I received tons of attention, that's when I was his primary OW! We are soooo damn lucky aren't we? We should be happy with the time we got with these Godly Men!!! lmao!
Feb 23 - 2PM
Maya (not verified)
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Love it

same scenario for me last week, office phone, only non-blockage communication, but he left a creepy message to top it off. I of course did not return his call. I can now expect a follow up call in about 30 days I guess. And when I was looking at his email (since stopped, yes I had his password and yes it's really hard not to do that; harder than just NC!), that is EXACTLY what he would do, dose OW now Primary, flirt with his 2 secondaries privately on facebook. In one posting to a 3rd source he says "I am single" even though she calls him out on being with someone else. So yes, I have actually documentation to what you say above, that is totally their MO and so effing creepy it is; especially when you consider that this is a divorced 50-year old actiing like a 19 year old skater boi. Massively creepy and disgusting if you knew what 1/2 these nasty women look like (I call one "catchers mitt face"). Thanks for total validation from this member!
Feb 23 - 1PM
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Proud of you!

I am proud of you for not answering and not returning fucktards call. Contact = Pain. Your part regarding his calendar...funny! Yes I am sure that is exactly what it looks like. Freaks! A few months ago mine called me from a restricted number. he called one time on the 1st, two times on the 2nd, three times on the 3rd. etc.... Freaks, that's all I have to say about that!
Feb 23 - 4PM (Reply to #2)
Maya (not verified)
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Fucktard is my new favorite word.
Feb 23 - 4PM (Reply to #3)
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I like fuckery's a

I like fuckery's a word my british friends use for bullshit but it's so much funnier! Narc tried to pick it up but he always used it wrong, which I loved to point out to him :-)
Feb 24 - 4AM (Reply to #4)
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I think..

they have an individual plan for each person depending on their 'break point' that I mean if they think you can last out maybe five days then have to contact they will wait to see if you do..if you dont they will maybe leave it a few more 'tester' days then have a go at a hoover. If they have other supply..either in woman form..or they have had a good day at work so dont need the validation it will be longer before they hoover. In the old days before I knew about Ns I got lots of silent treatment, if I replied and was upset it lasted longer, if I didnt reply I could time to the day mostly when he would get back in touch. Its quite sickening when you think about it.
Feb 24 - 5AM (Reply to #5)
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They should

use their "talent" to do something more productive! Excellent project management skills!