confused...are N's aware of their tactics or are they on auto pilot from childhood...

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Dec 22 - 2PM (Reply to #10)
virginia (not verified)
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I did look into BPD but...

I did look into the BPD issue, and some of it fits my CN, but my N is not prone to being clingy and empty to that degree. He doesn't harm himself either such as cutting, etc. So, BPD doesn't seem to fit. I had a girlfriend that had BPD. She always called me 5 times a day saying she felt like suicide and how very empty she felt. She was ultra insecure and very clingy but intelligent. I gave up that toxic relationship recently. Thanks for your reply and the info. about running women off. It sounds right..
Dec 22 - 1PM (Reply to #5)
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I think they are aware that

I think they are aware that they are Fucked the mamange to get from point A to point B not sure.. They have very deep insecurities ...readin thru your thead I see you are having revelation after revelation.. High Five Virginia.. Hunter
Dec 22 - 1PM (Reply to #6)
virginia (not verified)
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Thanks Hunter, I do think I am getting closer to closure for...

Thank you Hunter, I do think I am having the final rush of thoughts come to my mind, as I come closer to a possible closure for myself. Thanks for your noticing this and letting me know that. That encourages me to stay strong. I have noticed how my N sometimes seemed to be more relaxed with his guard down, and then other times he seemed suspicious and anxious when nothing was happening...makes me wonder...
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My Narc

said on more than one occasion that when he got tired of his ex girlfriends, he would be so mean & hateful they would leave. I remember pointing out to him how that was so passive/aggressive & chickenshit. Of course I was so special he would never do that to me. Yeah right....I stuck around until he discarded me. My ex-narc would look sullen, depressed, cry. He would tell me how he self loathes when he looks in the mirror. Poor pitiful thing....then later same day a friend sees him with OW laughing it up. These guys are soooo underbaked.
Dec 22 - 5PM (Reply to #8)
virginia (not verified)
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I can't believe...

I can't believe people like this exist. It makes it harder to want to trust anyone. I don't think the N's were ever baked at all :(