Straight to the Top

Yesterday I climebd a 103 flights of stairs to the top of the Willis Tower ( formerly Known as The Sears Tower)

Yes my Friends 103 miserable flights of stairs..

It was quite an accomplishment for an this Old Chick.. That in itself was a Journey.. I felt Narced all over again..

As I say must start at the begining to get to the end.. The first 15 to 20 flights were the toughest .. Oh my, Im never going to make it.. this is impossible.. around the 43rd floor I sent Happy1 a text.. (I took a picutre of floor number ) "FUCK" .. She is my biggest cheer leader.. "You can do it, keep going" .. UGH.. What did I get myself into?? Pain, sweating, heart racing.. OMG!

The 66th floor, 3/4 of the way up.. A break for water.. I cant stop now.. Keep the Buzz alive.. Well.. 55 minutes and 103 floors later I made it.. I did it.. what a feeling.. The celebration was at the finish line.. People cheering, Good Job.. WAHOOOO!!!

1000's of people took this challange.. everyone of them, All human, no differnt than myself.. If they can do it so can I..

Some have it easier than others..Some prepared, some thought it was a joke, showed up and some had physical diabilities that make walking and talking every day a challange. One man had suffered a stroke and there he was 1 step at time..

Somehow, someway we all made it.. 103 flights of stairs.. Yes I can and Yes I did.

Life is full of Challanges.. if you Push your way thru, Start at the begining to get to the end.. There is always a Rainbow..

Come On Guys can make it Straight to the Top


Aug 19 - 12AM
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Aug 19 - 12AM
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Very inspiring, makes we want

Apr 13 - 4PM
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Hunter, another great analogy!

Apr 13 - 5PM (Reply to #8)
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Some smart person invented an

Nov 24 - 10PM
Jannie In the Sun
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Right On!

I just jumped back on the forum after a break and I loved this post. That is what recovery is all about - personal growth! Way to go and thanks for the boost!
Nov 14 - 12AM
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Thank you!

I really needed to read this. I will succeed! And congratulations!
Nov 9 - 11PM
Lisa E. Scott
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So true!

Wow, I love this Hunter: "Life is full of Challanges.. if you Push your way thru, Start at the begining to get to the end.. There is always a Rainbow.." Great blog!!!
Nov 7 - 4PM
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I love this Hunter

I love your witty stories. I could feel my agonizing journey step by step as you were climbing each stair in this story. Good job and a great message. Thank you for sharing this. God bless, Goldie
Nov 7 - 3PM
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That`s some achievement!

I like the parallels, too. Inspiring to hear of the guy with a stroke, who made it a step at a time .... Thanks for this! Tigerlily
Nov 7 - 3PM
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That is one mammoth effort and you should be justifiably proud of yourself! You must have thighs of steel by now!!! Just proves that where there's a will, there's a way. WELLDONE! xxx
Nov 8 - 4PM (Reply to #1)
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Well, I didn't climb 103 flights of stairs but I got my miserable a$$ out of bed this morning and went to work. THAT was a major accomplishment for me today. Yesterday was an awful day, one of those low days that you just feel unlovable, worthless, stupid, invisible, in the way, incompetent etc. I just wanted to die or at least never get out of bed and face the public again (not that anyone would notice that I was missing) But, I got my miserable aSS out of bed, dressed up a little bit (even got compliments on my outfit)and went to work.... and I kicked butt in a meeting, got all the paperwork completed and filed in record time (and it was perfect) got compliments from my bosses and I feel much better today. I just have a big F*CK YOU for my Narcabuser for making me loathe myself so deeply. I am getting help for that and I will overcome that too. Yay me! No one else to pat me on my back so I am doing it myself! :-)