Nicknames for your ex Narc's???

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#1 Sep 26 - 11PM
Anonymous (not verified)
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Nicknames for your ex Narc's???

Okay, I can almost guarantee everyone has a nickname for their narc's. This ought to be fun...Mine is programmed on my phone as "Joe Dirt". This is ugly but it makes me feel better. My ex N claims his parents didn't want anything to do with him. (Now I know why!) Those of you that never saw the movie, Joe Dirt's parents didn't want him either. Joe Dirt always thought that they lost him, but in reality, they left him at the Grand Canyon! It's a funny movie! Okay, bring on the nicknames!!!
His ex gf after me nicknamed him Captain CS. (She has a potty mouth so I'm sure you can guess what the cs stands for!) Lol!
If you don't have one, make one up! It sure will make you feel better!

Sep 28 - 8PM
a new creation
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I called my exN ADD which means...

Angel/Devil/Dan. This name is too good for him. Need I say more?
Sep 28 - 8PM
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From the day I met him, I thought he looked like a lizard or an old reptile. Now her really looks like one.
Sep 28 - 3PM
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Mine's Kind Of Generic

I just call him "A$$hole". My sister's family came up with: "Seabass" That's because he was SO picky about his food that one time when we were visiting my sister's city, I couldn't go see her because he had to spend hours looking for seabass. He needed it to be super fresh and went from store to store to find it. It was ridiculous. We were staying at his mom's house and she would wait for us to make dinner. Both his mom and sister tried SO HARD to please his palate but it was almost impossible. My family called him that for a long time before I broke up with him. They told me later and I laughed so hard! neveragain
Sep 28 - 9PM (Reply to #44)
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Too funny, I had to laught too.
Sep 27 - 8PM
quietude (not verified)
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Then: Martha Stewart (because he was a clean freak) Now: Idiot-face Mr. Wonderful "The Runner" in a fugitive since he always 'ran away' Houdini - similar to above, disappears in thin air ...and a whole bunch of foul stuff like everyone else...
Sep 27 - 9PM (Reply to #42)
NanC (not verified)
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Martha Stewart!

I would call mine Martha Stewart too. He wasn't a neat freak unless he was in one of his moods. He would rearrange the furniture and hang stuff up on the yeah, another Martha Stewart!
Sep 27 - 7PM
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The Evil One

"The Evil One" and his ring tone was the Darth Vader theme...dom dom dom...dom d dom dom d dom. In the beginning it was "Henry VIII"...because he called himself "the king" and was obsessed with having a baby. That gave way to "The Barbarian"...but that was kinda a pet name. Now it's "that fucking dick that I wasted a year of my life on".
Sep 28 - 9PM (Reply to #40)
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Darth Vader

Beachcolors, had to laugh at the ring tone so funny. Yes I too usually use "the fucking dick" line too. Just a waste of time.
Sep 28 - 6PM (Reply to #37)
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Thanks Beachcolors

I have been sad all day and your nickname for your EX-N("that fucking dick that I wasted a year of my life on") put a huge smile on my face.
Sep 28 - 7PM (Reply to #38)
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Glad I could help...
Sep 28 - 7PM (Reply to #39)
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Dip Wod/ Asswipe

I called him many things, never to his face. My favorite was Dip Wod.
Sep 27 - 6PM
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Two for comment

1. Mr. " Warmth: 2. The Tin Man He had a few nicknames for me, and rarely used my first name when addressing me. Now I can imagine why- with so many women in his past, and future, he did not want to risk saying the wrong name!
Sep 27 - 12PM
cynthia (not verified)
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this will be fun i have a few

since mine was a sheriff, and i hope you guys remember Mayberry RFD, I called mine Barny buttwipe because one time he smelled like crap when I was with him intimately I MEAN IT GUYS, like he forgot to wipe his ass after taking a crap or something, I also like Pete the Perv, or Pete the Pimp, and towards the end I would call him My Little Psychopath, now if we want to hear what I called him during my anger and pain its not very nice: SICK FUCK
Sep 27 - 4PM (Reply to #33)
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I have a few

okay - here we go: "idiot" savant shitbag "Mr. Walmart" - he hated walmart and ended up working there and meeting his next victim there. He was so "above" walmart. Oh and she was just as smart- she could talk current events and medicine with him. LOL!!! Oh someone stop me!!!! fuckhead prick fucktard dickhead stupid fuck drunkie pervie sick fuck You know - I remember he would tell me when we were friends that women he got together with after would call him horrible names- LOL!! Oh my do I know why now.
Sep 30 - 3PM (Reply to #34)
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Cgrl, mine ended up at

Cgrl, mine ended up at Wal-Mart too. Then he dated someone from Subway in Wal-Mart. Bright future, hey? LOL Deb
Sep 27 - 12PM
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GQ Smooth

My cousins and friends came up with the name GQ Smooth for N. He's changed his appearance and lengthened his name even bought a Harley! I myself prefer asswipe. AW when my daughter is around ~Give a Narc an inch and they become the ruler~ nolongercontrolled
Sep 27 - 11AM
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Benign but telling nicknames

Now, I call my ex N "the Devil"...but when we were together, I had two nicknames for him: Blackwell (because he was always making waredrobe "suggestions" for thigh high hooker boots. Dr. Doolittle: Because he hated my dog. I know, pretty passive aggressive. Which actually, is considered emotional abuse, right? I'm working on that. But in this instance, I think it's more aptly "reactive abuse". His nicknames for me were wierd: Putty Tat and Sugar Beet. ????
Sep 27 - 12PM (Reply to #30)
cynthia (not verified)
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putty tat? thats funny, mine would always say, at night ok you go night night and go sleepy talk to you tomorrow, we should be making fun of them they thought they were so perfect and yet when we got close they were nothing but strange
Sep 27 - 3AM
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Jackass!!he was just sooo full of himself sometimes-I used to laugh at the fact that he thought he was so 'SUPERIOR' to every male he came across!!when the reality was-he was a irish one at that!!lol!!
Sep 27 - 3AM
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Roarass, lazy good for

Roarass, lazy good for nothing, d!ckhead. Whatever mood I'm in he gets a different name. Mostly loser a-hole or lying SOB. The police officer was nicknamed Officer Charming being sarcastic but when he greeted me obnoxiously it would often be returned with Good day Officer Prick (his name was Rick, lol). I'm really surprised he never arrested me, I was always very foul mouthed with him in return and I'm sure there's a law about that.
Sep 27 - 2AM
destiny (not verified)
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I called mine Lazy lug

I called mine Lazy lug loser....and he said to me in the scariest tone I was Nevvvver lazy with you. Oh and i forgot I started referring to him as grover. Sometimes he would carry on just like the sesame street character did when he had peanut butter stuck in his mouth... My N father I called Cookie....for cookie monster...same idea. I guess in my mind I saw both of them as children.
Sep 26 - 11PM
Barbara (not verified)
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Narc ringtone

I programmed my cell so that when exN calls it has the MOST ANNOYING RINGTONE. Even my kids go "oh no, it's Dad!" when they hear that ring.... ...then we all laugh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Pathologicals only discard the best, most precious of gems of people... not the worst. They despise the strong, principled, decent & honest. Their discarding of you is then their highest commendation of your worth!" - A.V.
Sep 27 - 8AM (Reply to #2)
dolce (not verified)
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nicknames and tourettes lol

asshole dickweed dickhead dick idiot asswipe mommys boy bastard wanker (I feel like I have Tourettes! LOL) ~Free to Be~
Sep 27 - 9AM (Reply to #24)
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Oct 3 - 8AM (Reply to #25)
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When living as a family, we called him the "Fun Nazi," or "Gastapo." My kids would say, "The Gustapo's home." If the front lights weren't on, my oldest son would be running around the house, screaming that the front lights weren't on, making sure that he turned them on. All of us living on eggshells. One night when he fell asleep on his chair. I got up, went into the bedroom and put on the alarm. That's how much I couldn't stand him. When he got up, The alarm went off and he was running around (half asleep) trying to shut it off. The next day when he asked why I put the alarm on and left him out in the family room, my only response was, "because I can't stand you!"
Sep 27 - 8AM (Reply to #23)
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I didn't have a nickname for him... he already had turned into his stage name. But Asshole fits very well. Do you know he wrote a "song" had used to joke about in his very sarcastic way called "I'm a bigger asshole than you are." ????? He said everybody wanted to act like that so he thought he could do it better than them and wrote a "ditty" about it. Who knew this was for real and very true!!!!
Sep 27 - 8AM (Reply to #3)
NanC (not verified)
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That's hysterical!!!

That's hysterical!!! Tourette's!!!! Lmao!!!!
Sep 27 - 8AM (Reply to #4)
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One more thing

The Tourette's comment is very funny.... but all of a sudden I flashed on a memory that I had really forgotten about... he told me that one time he was working a temp job and he didn't like the supervisor so he started cussing like somebody who had Tourette's and told them that was the problem. I remember when he told me that it was early on and I thought it was strange, but laughed along because he made it sound like it was hysterical. But thinking back... that is just totally screwed up... because either he's lying to make himself look cool, or he actually did that and it's NOT NORMAL! Either way it's creepy and completely immature.
Sep 27 - 9AM (Reply to #5)
NanC (not verified)
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Whats creepy is that he was

Whats creepy is that he was "role playing" & was sooo good at it, even his boss believed him! How can a normal person do something like that with a straight face?! I would have busted out laughing!
Sep 27 - 9AM (Reply to #6)
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my two N

The first one is the Psicho informatic (counselor) The second is The Crooked Pastor Good idea, i both signed them with their surname on my cell phone.....very good idea! :-) Remember: Safe People are people who draw you closer to who you were meant to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. They encourage you to be your most loving, growing self. (Emotional Abusers- Heartless Bitches International)