Who is the Narcissist...Peter Cook or Christie Brinkley?

For most of my readers, the answer to this question is as obvious as day is light, but for those who may not know a great deal about pathological narcissism, I'd like to explain why Peter Cook is the obvious narcissist here.

For the first time in four years, Christie Brinkley agreed to talk about her divorce from Peter Cook on the Today Show Tuesday morning. Really, she wanted to talk about her upcoming role in "Chicago" the longest running show in Broadway history, but agreed to first briefly discuss the noise her ex-husband, Peter Cook, has been making lately in his crazy attempts to call her a narcissist.

Unfortunately, Matt Lauer was having an off-day and didn't quite give Christie that opportunity, but hopefully he will apologize and she will be back to discuss this significant role with him that she should be very proud of indeed.

As Christie explained to Matt "I have never taken part in name calling. The only thing that I have ever said, after my second trial...I simply told people, as a public service, to Google 'Divorcing a Narcissist' because I'm not alone. I've gotten hundreds of letters from women that are going through this."

When this happened back in 2008, I had just done a Blog Talk Radio show on the topic of "Divorcing a Narcissist" so I was getting lots of hits and requests from members to ask Ms. Brinkley if she wanted to help build awareness on narcissism.

I reached out to her via Facebook to see if she was interested in helping build awareness on how narcissists emotionally abuse their wives and children. She graciously declined saying that she just wanted to "move on" and have "No Contact" with Mr. Cook.

She stated this very thing in her interview today when Matt asked how she is handling Peter's attempts at slandering her. She responded to his question stating that experts advise to have "No Contact" with the narcissist, which is precisely what she practices with him and why she has always refused to talk to the media about him.

I have so much respect for her for doing this. It proves that she can't possibly be a narcissist because a narcissist would jump on such an opportunity, regardless of how it affected their children.

As Christie told Matt Lauer, she has had countless opportunities to go on television and explain exactly why her ex-husband is a raging narcissist, but she has never chosen to do so....Why? Because she is obviously NOT a narcissist! She puts her children first, which is something Peter Cook is clearly incapable of doing.

Peter has done nothing but villify Christie in the press and amped it up most recently by accusing her of the very thing she tried to warn others about after her second trial in 2008...NARCISSISM.....TALK ABOUT PROJECTION!!!

Christie hit the nail on the head when she explained why Peter has unleashed this character assasination on her just recently. He cannot stand to see her happy! When she landed the role in "Chicago" his seething ENVY caused him to point the finger at her and project all of his narcissistic behavior onto her...PROJECTION.

Mr. Cook was diagnosed in 2008 by a court ordered psychiatrist with full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder so no one needs my humble opinion here, but of course I had to comment.

ENVY & PROJECTION are both classic examples of text book narcissistic behavior.

It is obvious who the real narcissist is just by observing their behavior from afar.

ENVY and PROJECTION....need I say more?

Christie Brinkley obviously puts her children first and should be proud of her accomplishments. The fact that Matt Lauer did not showcase this today by talking about her upcoming role in "Chicago" was unfortunate.

For some reason, Matt was in a weird place today and it's too bad she had to bear the brunt of it, but as we all saw, she handled it with nothing but dignity and class. That's the Christie Brinkley America knows and loves and that's why Peter Cook is so damn jealous and envious of her!

No one knows or likes Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley has been and always will be America's sweetheart. Peter Cook seethes with envy over this and attempts to project his own behavior onto her in a desperate attempt to bring her down.

Not happening, Peter! You're showing your true colors and it's pathetic and sad. We see right through you and applaud Christie for being such an inspiration to all of us who know what it is like to be in an emotionally abusive relationship with a pathological narcissist.

You can try to spin it all you want, Mr. Cook but your own actions tell us everything we need to know. Please allow your children and the mother of your children to have some peace of mind for a change. You are an emotional vampire of the worst kind and should be ashamed of yourself.

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postive on the negative!!

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Name Calling

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