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The Empathetic Male with the Narcissistic Female

The Empathetic Male with the Narcissistic Female

I have noticed many similarities in the Males I work with in recovery from a PD, female. There are volumes of information regarding the empathetic women and how she fits the profile for the Narcissistic male on the prowl for supply, not so much pertaining to the male empath attracted to the female PD, or the female PD looking to the male empath for supply.

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Happy Easter to our Forum Members and Readers, and to their Families

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It is a renewal time; a rebirth. A time to RISE AGAIN.

We all have an opportunity here to move forward on the PATH FORWARD and although it is a long winding road at times. Together we can do what we cannot do alone.

When I came here over 4 years ago. I was defeated, depressed, and actually questioning myself as to how I was going to make it out of this mess I was in and if I even had the strength to do it this time.

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Will the Narcissist treat the Other Woman better than me?

I have a question for you, what is your truth?

I am asked this question daily, will the narcissist treat the other woman better than me?

What if he did?

What does that mean?

Even if someone prefers to treat someone better than you what does that say about them?

What does that say about you?

Honestly, my x narc could treat the next woman like a queen, a goddess, and it still has nothing to do with me.

I grew up with a father who ignored me (could not see me) and treated my ordinary sister like a queen, goddess, and so on.

For years I could make no sense of this and it hurt my feelings.

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"Guard Your Heart"

"Guard your heart."

This is where the problem lies for us. Still looking for approval, water if you will, from the dry well. This is what got many in the problem in the first place. Looking for approval from our dad's (a normal expectation) and the bf/husband (again, a reasonable want and hope). They didn't have it to give. Not in a way that we found comforting.

Some may have had emotionally absentee or roller coaster Moms as well.

I have been there. Wanting so badly to receive the support from the men in my life. Yet it was not in the cards.

After feeling the pain and releasing it. Acceptance becomes the key. And a strong resolve to never ever put ourselves in a position to look for approval to that extent outside of ourselves again.

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Scheduling a One on One with Goldie~Narcissist Relationship Recovery~Support

Scheduling a One on One with Goldie~Narcissist Relationship Recovery~Support

When scheduling your one on one, please provide:

Your time zone and

Exact Available times and dates (time ranges).

Many say, anytime is great. Due to time zone differences 2 am, may not work best for you. Lol. This is why I require exact times.

The session is an hour on the telephone.

Some use Internet dial up services. I provide you with a phone number after you order your session. I use a secured landline.

Not necessary to send me your story unless we are working on mediation preparation work.

You may order your session, right here,

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NARCISSIST RECOVERY SUPPORT GROUP with GOLDIE Weekly support group recovering from a Narcissist.

Contact Goldie directly:

Next group begins on MONDAYS

You may choose to participate days or evenings on MONDAY.

Please select:
11am EST or

EST. is the same as U.S New York City

I offer Newbies and Advanced Groups and You may choose to participate days or evenings on MONDAYS. The next available group will meet via secured teleconferencing line.

The sessions are for approx. 2 hours.

Please select:
11am EST or

EST. is the same as U.S New York City Recovery Support Groups.


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Silent Treatment, No Contact, Discard

What does it all mean?

NC is something done when one realizes they are in a toxic unhealthy R when used for our purposes here.

It is a choice one makes.

ST is designed to get a reaction out of you as Used clearly described to you.

Every time a narcissist does not choose to engage with you, it is not always either or (ST/NC).

Sometimes it's discard. You are not serving a purpose right now for them.

You are a booty call, cash-cow, social status hit, being used for triangulation purposes or any reason they have. They need an ego boost. Status report; to see if you have new supply. The rules you must follow do not apply to them. They are bored. It varies.

If none if those reasons apply today, you will not hear from them.

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Are Narcissists Evil? Or simply not thinking about you at all ?

Personally I believe:

Some people prefer to see the narc as evil, rather than the truth, which is, they don't give a damn about you, your wants, or your feelings. Using you and not caring about you is not the same thing as evil.

It may FEEL like evil to you because you want more.

I also don't believe too much in ST.

Again. I believe that calling it ST is a comfort to you.

Pretending he is away to punish you, when the reality is most of the time, if the narc is not with you he is doing something else. Narcs require supply.

Sure they may pout for a few, though not nearly as long as you think they do.

Most of them have a big smile on their face as they are texting OW while storming out of your house. That would be a more accurate description of what they do.

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What is great sex anyway?

This topic comes up frequently as you may imagine it would within a relationship with a Narcissist. Sex is often used as a manipulative and bargaining tool.

I often hear: The sex was the best, the greatest, the most intense, dangerous, thrilling, and of course I also hear the opposite, it was the worst, or a combination of, it was the greatest; now the worst.

What does Great mean, anyway?


I have had great talks with my son
I have had great walks with my dog
I have had great talks with my fellow Moderators
I have had great laughs over foolish mistakes I have made
I have had great breakthroughs which allow me greater peace of mind
I have had great inspirational moments with members in my support groups
I have great aha moments within my soul

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10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Ruin Any Chances Of A Lasting Healthy Relationship...

10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Ruin Any Chances Of A Lasting Healthy Relationship...

1) ingnoring your instincts which are telling you to run away
2) believing what he says
3) sleeping with him too soon
4) allowing him to move in
5) giving him money
6) giving him another chance after he shows you who he is
7) offering him sexual favors which go against your grain
8) failure to run a background check on him
9) not believing the bad things you hear about him from others
10) most important: not breaking up with him, so you may enjoy a lasting healthy relationship


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