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NARCISSIST RECOVERY SUPPORT GROUP with GOLDIE Weekly support group recovering from a Narcissist.

NARCISSIST RECOVERY SUPPORT GROUP with GOLDIE Weekly support group recovering from a Narcissist.

I have two Support Groups beginning soon to accommodate your schedules.

Great for new comers and old timers. I have all levels of recovery in group.

Wednesday evenings @ 8pm EST.

Tuesday days @ 1 pm EST. Also great for our UK and oversea's members. It's 6pm your time.

Contact Goldie

You may choose to participate days or evenings. The next available group will meet via secured teleconferencing line.

The sessions are for approx. 2 hours


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The Empathetic Male with the Narcissistic Female

The Empathetic Male with the Narcissistic Female

I have noticed many similarities in the Males I work with in recovery from a PD, female. There are volumes of information regarding the empathetic women and how she fits the profile for the Narcissistic male on the prowl for supply, not so much pertaining to the male empath attracted to the female PD, or the female PD looking to the male empath for supply.

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Goldie's Last Support Group begins November 18, 2015

I have been facilitating and teaching self love and healing from a toxic narcissistic relationship for 5 years now. Working with hundreds of survivors globally. This will be my last support group of this nature. Regretfully and gratefully I am being called in other directions. So if you are one of those who has been on the fence regarding joining now is your opportunity. Traditionally the holiday season is the time when we need the support the most and this group will bring you through the holidays with support and understanding. You are not alone in this. I understand.

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The Narcissist Playing the God Card

Playing the God card and therapy with a narcissist:

Let's get real here, shall we?

"Do as say, not as I do." Sound familiar? "You need to be the perfect Christian wife or husband, I will do as I please." "I answer to no one, you answer to me (God)."
~A Christian marriage with a Narcissist~

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So she thought she was special..

So she thought she was special. Joyce Mitchell, was apparently made to feel special by convicted violent murderer and reported Psychopath , Richard Matt. So special that she considered assisting him, and may have, in his prison break with convicted law enforcement killer, David Sweat. The extent of her involvement is unknown at this time. See details below. These allegations are reported by CNN and the Daily Mail, UK.

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Do you love a Toxic Narcissist?TWENTY QUESTIONS

Are you "in love" with or related to a Toxic Narcissist?

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The Text Message. A Brilliant Invention for the Narcissist.....

"A brilliant invention for the busy Narcissist on the run." Now we have the text which disappears after reading. The narcissist was jumping for joy the day that app was launched. The players paradise, no longer will there be any evidence in print.

Text Messages, Romantic gestures? Lazy? Or MAJOR Red Flags. TEXTS do not = Love.

A TEXT Message is not a contract, commitment, date, gift, or proof of ones love and devotion.

It is a text. A few seconds out of someone's day.

Most likely they are avoiding OW (which is also you at times) while texting you. Or some other unsavory behavior.

Texting is one of a cheaters/players/Narcissists favorite tools.

Keeps YOU thinking he is connected to you, regardless to what he is actually doing.

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So you think the sex was intense with the Narcissist? What is great sex anyway?

Great sex does not necessarily always translate into two people in a deeply loving connection. This is clearly illustrated in the mixed messages, words not matching the actions, type of a relationship with a narcissist.

INTENSITY is often misinterpreted for many of us and perceived as a substitute for INTIMACY (love).

This intensity stems from the tension created in us by the narcissist. This tension is received in our bodies, minds, and hearts, as anxiety, emptiness, and pain triggered by the mind games (push/pull).

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I simply would not take no for an answer

I simply would not take no for an answer.

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On living with abuse and violence from the one you "love."

On the recent media blitz over WHY WE STAY: