Facebook is the perfect platform for the Narcissist

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#1 February 14, 2017 - 1:47pm

Facebook is the perfect platform for the Narcissist

Facebook is the perfect platform for a narcissist to torture old supply. I didn't realize it at the time but that is what my X did to his X wife when he met me... it must have really stung her ... in fact he told me she had said she hated that she was replaced by me.... so she must feel better now that we are done, knowing now it wasn't her, it was him! The "happy" pics of us in the "honeymoon" stage were "pretend" before the mask fell....................Toogsie 2013

Yes Toogsie, FB is great for the narcissist to triangulate old supply with new supply and of course all the supply which you know nothing about....xo Goldie

April 4, 2017 - 4:20pm

I have an experience with this

Yeah, I was actually doing research on this and found that there is a positive correlation between social media use like Instagram and Facebook and narcissism.

My personal experience is similar to what you described. My last N, which I had a "friends with benefits" relationship with, tried this when he met who is now his fiancee. I had sort of moved on from the FWB relationship after realizing that it wasn't what I wanted. He told me he "didn't want a relationship" because he and I didn't "vibe." Anyway, so I continued to online date and eventually met my current boyfriend. I texted him that I had met someone and needed to end our FWB relationship and he seemed understand. About a month later, he is suddenly in a serious relationship with some girl and talking about moving in with her. The timing through me off...it was like one minute he was single and then as soon as I met someone, he grabbed the first chic he could find. He gushed to me about how they had "so many friends in common" (he doesn't have any friends) and how she "really loves" him.

Anyway, this was the beginning of his stream of facebook posts with him and his new girlfriend. They were always together in photos in the honeymoon stage. I have mutual friends, who live in another state, with this particular N. There was one weekend where he was actually going to the same city as these things for a business trip. He told me how "angry" our friends were that he would not take the entire weekend to visit them, since he was in the area. He told me, quite dramatically, "well me and [gf] already will be apart for multiple weekends and I absolutely cannot be away from her that often."

I eventually stopped hanging out with him because his new relationship was just too weird and too much. He just became flat out annoying. Ns seem to have this need to make sure every knows they are in a good, healthy relationship. Of course, normal people know that if you have to contantly announce it and reaffirm, it's probably a big phony lie of a relationship.

I actually blocked him pretty early on because he already had a tendency to post really annoying things.
But I would always find out through other people that he "posted another photo with her" and blah, blah, blah. Mind you, I was hearing this from my N sister who derives pleasure from seeing me upset about this person. The most ridiculous post I heard of was he actually recorded a video of him proposing to his fiancee and posted it online. My N sister gushed about "how adorable it was" (she doesn't know or care about these people--again, loves to see me angry).

When I congratulated him two months later on his engagement, he quickly asked me, "What happened to your facebook." I havent spoken to him in months and this was his first question...not how I was doing, how work was going, how my boyfriend was doing, etc. I considered this evidence that he was posting a bunch of pictures as some sort of organized need to show me how awesome and amazing he and his relationship was.

They are painfully insecure people. I think they really need to prove to their ex lovers (or ex friends) that they are "happy" without them and are not the emotionally and morally bankrupt as you think they are. They need you to KNOW about how happy they are. Naturally, if you know anything about a narcissism, you know that they are incapable of being happy. It's all just phony theatrics.

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