Autism vs. narcissism

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Autism vs. narcissism

I introduced myself on the "Share Your story" forum, but got no replies either because people are-understandably- too busy with their own issues or because they cannot relate to my story as it does not involve a romantic relationship with someone with narcissism, but rather a friendship. Yesterday I complained to my non N husband about my N (friend) the minister and he said, "I wonder whether instead of N he could have autism-or what used to be called Aspergers--on the autism spectrum? I understand about being on the autism spectrum because my son has it-high functioning autism. Unlike the other posters my N friend did not treat my cruelly per se. There were no physical abuse and no put downs. He just isn't "there". If i e-mailed him that I was concerned about losing my memory and was in a lot of pain because of Lyme-I would get no response. If his wife told him I was in the hospital he would say nothing about it. If i commented on some achievement of mine there would be no "Well, good for you." In fact, to most of my e-mails I would get no response unless it had to do with celebrating his achievements. However, there seems to be some thoughts that N-ism is part of the autism spectrum. if you plug in autism vs. narcissism in bong you get a lot of hits. My n friend did say that he couldn't hear r speak as a child-which was corrected and he had a son with severe autism, so it's quite possible that he is one the autism spectrum. Anyway, this Christian counselor (and I mention her because I am a woman pastor) says she gets many calls from women thinking they are married to someone with N when it may that they are married to what was called an Aspie. There are some similarities. This is not intended to diminish anyone's experience of their abuse. I am just trying to understand. If he is an Aspie I think I could stay in a relationship with him. If he's an Aspie who's also affected by narcissism I don't think so.
Anyway, here's the article on aspie vs. narcissism:

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Autism vs narcissism