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neglectedsoul's story

10 years of narc abuse!!

Ive been knowing for years hes a narc!! But i just cant leave him...Its like the more evil and cruel he is,the more i want acknowledgement and praise by him!!Its sick,and at times i feel obsesseive towards him..Im always tryin to catch him lying(which he often does) about other women..He hasnt physically cheated on me but he has done everything else!!!

He always has to get his "supply" from other women and Fb and social networking sites are his his stomping grounds for it!! Constantly posting new pics of himself and or articles he deems revelant!! But the thing is with him,if he thinks something is kool,u have too as well or he takes great offense!!!

Hes a porn addict as well,cant "finsish" with a real woman...Im suprised he even has a kid!!! Which btw hes tried to mold into his own image of a comic ,movie and videogame geek..He succeded,,But she left him too!!!Ive also discovered recently that ,lets just say...He likes "younger" women..and im talking YOUNGGGGG!!!..Ive already dealt with that with the proper autorities!!!

I find myself feelin great rage at him..Hes done so many shady things that i really wanna out him on all of it!! Im tired of him using people as his pawns!!IM tired of my reputation being tarnished and i think im gonna do something about it finally!!The thing is with narcs,is that nobody really truly tries to stop them!!Or set them up so they can suffer humiliation!!..These So called men are allowed to get away with everything they do!! But when does it ever stop!! Im sure that if they were called out on their crap all the damm time,they would stop!!Or think twice before doin it!! To me they are like undisplined children!!

Thats where im at now with mine....I just want the pain to end,and the constant lonliness and feelin used and discarded!!