What does the N do for a living?

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May 29 - 9PM
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The VP of sales. A

The VP of sales. A salesman......shocker
May 29 - 9PM
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A teacher

The ex-Psych (as in psychopath) is a tenured college professor. Lest one thinks tenure is a great reward... he's stuck with the people who were witnesses to the final (and very ugly) D&D. He didn't exactly lose his career&move on to new pastures. He HATED teaching. He always referred to his students as "stupid" (because his idol, Wittgenstein, did the same thing) After the final D&D, I remember him bluntly saying, "I'm a teacher. It's how I make money." He'd say he was a professor because his father is one. He saw teaching as a curse, not a blessing. It was like he was unfit for other jobs. He complained about his students AND his colleagues. All the time. He complained about being disrespected, unappreciated. His father is highly accomplished, has been published A LOT, beloved among students. The ex-P has hardly been published... and hasn't accomplished much. He'd ape his father's arguments&mannerisms. It was surreal to go to a professor rating website... and realize that the ex-P had basically been parroting his father. Without the talent, respect for others, respect for the English language. He saw teaching AS A ROLE. He was so disconnected from his own profession, I helpfully suggested modeling or acting.
May 31 - 5PM (Reply to #7)
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Professional student

The ex-Psych prof graduated from a 4 year college... in 4 years. It's the same university where his father was a professor. (His father had to give up his teaching&research to raise the ex-P's kids) Next, it took him SEVEN YEARS to get a master's degree. Normally, a master's degree takes 1-3 years, depending on the area of study. Even my therapist who's an MFT took a briefer time... and he has to do studying for certification(!!) It took him 3 years to get a Ph.D. The math adds up to fourteen years of schooling after high school. He never REALLY graduated.
May 29 - 9PM
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I understand your confusion.

I understand your confusion. You would think they would be a stock broker, or an accountant or a criminal lawyer. My x N is get this.........a school counsellor. He works in a school where the students are extremely disadvantaged. He is counselling these students. It makes me sick. The other day he gave the students a speech on swearing, using foul language, and being racist to one another. I could not conceal my laughter. He swears all the time, has no concience and is completely racist. He is a drug addict and he works with kids in an authorative position. A part of me really wants to pull the pin on his career, but I'm too nice...I can't do it. They are such chameleons.
May 29 - 9PM
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here's a shocker

he's a cop....sheriff's deputy way back when he owned his own landscaping company...I personally think he decided to be a cop due to the whole N thing....makes him feel superior and he can hide behind a badge.
May 30 - 2PM (Reply to #4)
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Not a shocker!

I've dated 3 cops who could be classified as narcs or psychopaths! Two I dated briefly, one is CharlieSheenWinning -- former cop, all-around narc. Dated *his* power-hungry arse for too long! Oh, and they all drank like fish. Forget, narcs, maybe avoid dating cops and former cops! :):):)
May 30 - 8AM (Reply to #2)
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He is a Cat Scan/X-Ray tech.

He is a Cat Scan/X-Ray tech. He is the night shift boss. His OW was a student under his care (doing her clinicals) when they hooked up.
Jun 18 - 10PM (Reply to #3)
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My N's primary job is VP of

My N's primary job is VP of Hell. Satin's right hand woman. She moved up from coal stirring because of her stunning sadistic abilities. Her secondary job is Police Captain and boy does she think her sh@* don't stink. She knows everything and everyone and can only associate with persons of her stature and position - All B.S.. No one in her department can stand her................... I await her fall from grace.