The Twilight Zone of Narcissism

I watched this Sunday morning's panel of "Meet the Press" discuss our President-Elect's latest tantrum on Twitter and was baffled by what seems to be a common suggestion from many - to accept Trump's abnormal behavior as normal.

Excuse me? NORMALIZING NARCISSISM? We are being asked to accept the abnormal? The idea that our soon-to-be President is going to have tantrums on Twitter whenever somebody gets under his skin is frightening. Now, we're being asked to not only be ok with such behavior but be the adults who tell the spoiled toddler it's ok to have tantrums when the world doesn't revolve around him?

I must painfully accept that we are now truly living in the world I feared when I began writing about narcissism ten years ago. A friend of mine properly labeled this the Twilight Zone of Narcissism and as much as I don't want to admit it, we are living in it. Narcissism continues to be rewarded and celebrated everywhere we turn.

I have no interest in turning our on-line community of support into a political platform. My goal is the same as always - to provide support to those in a relationship with a narcissist - whether that be your significant other, your boss, a friend, family member or your new President.

Trump enters office with a 40% approval rating. The majority of Americans are scared at this point. Trump pulled off what narcissists are known for doing better than anyone - winning over others during the honeymoon phase of a relationship (his campaign) with false promises and fake claims. Now that he has secured the election (relationship) he is starting to show his true colors and Americans are understandably terrified by his childlike and irresponsible behavior.

The President of the United States should unite us, not divide us. I would love to be wrong about Trump and if I am, I will happily admit it. Unfortunately, everything he has done since he won the election in November until now has divided us. From his Twitter tantrums to his refusal to listen to intelligence briefings because they are not "all about him," I no longer have any remaining hope that he may not be the narcissist I fear he is. What kind of leader insults and openly criticizes the intelligence agents who risk their lives to protect our country? Trump has already broken more than one promise he made during his campaign and is selecting a Cabinet that puts those in power he promised his voters he would drain from the swamp.

In just a few short days, Americans will find themselves in a very serious and real relationship with a Narcissist-in-Chief. We must brace ourselves, educate others and help one another because narcissism is obviously not going anywhere. Pathological narcissism is a sign of the times we live in, but it does not have to destroy or define us if we learn how to respond to it in the right way.

When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what's happening. That's where your power lies.

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