Who Should I Blame???

Just recently I had a leaky pipe.. Drip,drip drip.. Ignore ..ignore ignore..

My friends all gave the name of a affordable plumber..drip,drip... That bucket will take care of it..I'm to busy.. Work, family, activites, .. Drip drip..

My friends " you still havnt called that plumber". Fine so I cheap out and call handy man Charlie..

Charlie " sure Mrs. I can fix it . It will be $100.00" Great.. It's fixed and at half the price..

Ugh.. Drip, drip drip.. So I call Charlie back .. Charlie now gives me the silent treatment...he got his money..

In the interim ... The leak is now worse than before.. Good thing for the bucket..drip ..drip..

Finally,, I get around to calling my friends for the real plumbers number.. they are now tired of this problem and don't return my calls.. Drip drip..

OMG... The pipe just exploded.. The water is shooting out everywhere.. It's now caused damage to the floors..OMG!!

Now from a small little leak I've now created a huge problem..HUGE..

Who should I Blame? My friends, my schedule,Charlie, how about the bucket??

Nope.. My fault ..

Result .. Time calling the insurance Co.. Time calling repair companies not only for the faucet but add the damaged wood floors into it..

The cost out of pocket is three time the original and let's not forget the stress of coordinating this..

As for my friends.. They love to say " I told you so"

Moral of this story.. Address problems head on ..Ignoring the problem results in a bigger problem..


Nov 5 - 5AM
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Good Stuff

Apr 13 - 4PM
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A true fable!

Dec 20 - 7AM
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Another great blog Hunter

When all the stops are pulled out of all the tubs and sinks, to use your plumbing analogy, we blame those who are trying to help us the most. The PD's blamed us for their issue's and problems and then when we are left alone with us, there is some serious repair work to be done and we can either look at our part and our responsiblity or we can do to others what was done to us. Hurt people hurt people. We can blame it on the one's who are trying to help us to see the truth or we can get out our Step Books and work the steps, educate ourselves, journal and post our thoughts and feelings, heal, and reclaim ourselves and our power. God bless, Goldie
Apr 13 - 4PM (Reply to #4)
florence (not verified)
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True Nuff

Dec 19 - 9PM
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Run to the fire!

I had a sales manager once tell me where there is smoke there is fire. And, I was the "fire fighter". Ignore the smoke and you have worst issues. Love your post. Made me laugh tonight. Kitty
Dec 19 - 4PM
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Excellent point! And like

Excellent point! And like my dentist always says "ignore your teeth, and they will go away" Great humorous post Hunter! Thanks!
Apr 13 - 4PM (Reply to #1)
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I'm laughing out loud at both