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I was married to my husband for 12 years...dated for 6...together we have 3 boys. After years of emotional abuse...I divorced him. Very soon after, I met the current Narc that Im trying to heal from. He is far worse than my ex husband ever was...I believe he is hard core and may have some other issues as well. He came into my life, swept me off my feet...within a year and a half later, I moved in with him even though we broke up 3 times. The cycle of drama, followed by it all being my fault, to him begging, promising, and just being relentless. 3 times this happened and I STILL move in with him...that's how good of a manipulator he was! We lasted 3 months! I abruptly took my kids and left one night after a week of mental abuse. He again pleaded and begged...but not this time. 4 days after he professed his undying love for me and Im ready to go to him..another woman spent the weekend with him at our house in MY bed!! I was totally shocked, hurt, distraught! My whole world shattered. My whole year and a half was all a lie!!! I spent over 12k on his house and it was gone...it was suppose to be for my children and now...without missing a beat..he has moved on while i was homeless. Its now 3 months later...I am suing him for my money owed...I bought a townhouse...but Im still sick over it.. as are my 3 boys.

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