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Telling your story can be healing and validating, for you and for others. This is the place to do just that.

The Narcissist Recovery Support Groups on The Path Forward are worth their weight in Gold

The Support Group gives you 12 weeks, 24 hours, of the latest information, education, and recovery techniques available today.

I have years of experience working with survivors of Narcissist trauma, confusion, and abuse. I have worked with hundreds of women and men globally with the one on one, personalized sessions, as well as in the Support Group setting.

I work with all levels of recovery, from a few days out, struggling to get out, to those still suffering months and years out.

Group members range from just beginning to understand, to months out, still struggling with PTSD symptoms, understanding it, and slips with no contact.

It's all the same fix, whether you were married, dating, co workers, an affair, family members, and so on.

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I have two Support Groups beginning soon to accommodate your schedules.

Great for new comers and old timers. I have all levels of recovery in group.

Wednesday evenings @ 8pm EST.

Tuesday days @ 1 pm EST. Also great for our UK I and overseas members. It's 6pm your time.

No more excuses. You are doing this for YOU.

Sign up today.

Time to put you first.


Here is where members can find quick links to chosen blogs, threads, videos, websites and articles to help with recovery. Whether labeled a narcissist, psychopath or sociopath, on the path forward we believe to 'understand it' is the first step for healing from ANY toxic relationship.

Knowledge = freedom and self-empowerment!



Welcome to The Path Forward! We are so glad you found our on-line forum of support. Please know you are NOT alone and you are NOT at fault for falling for a narcissist.

It is very difficult to see what lies underneath the charisma of a narcissist. A narcissist is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing...charming, alluring, and often the life of the party. The beginning of the relationship is euphoric, intense and exhilarating. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and you can’t get enough of your newfound love.


No one understands what it is like to love a narcissist unless they have been through it themselves, which is precisely why we created The Path Forward Forum. We can relate to one another on a level no one else can. As such, we have come together to support one another, listen and give advice from our own individual experience with a narcissist.

Please note: We are not mental health professionals and our on-line forum is in no way a replacement for professional therapy, legal or medical advice. We are an on-line support group offering assistance based on our own personal experiences.


Steps 1-3 Forum (aka "The All About Him" Forum) is a forum for newcomers just beginning to understand why narcissists behave the way they do and why they are incapable of genuine love.

Narcissists engage in crazy-making behavior and it’s important we recognize when they are manipulating us into submission through their master-minded maneuvering.

The first three steps in The Path Forward overlap and many of you may find yourself going back and forth between them. This is understandable and perfectly acceptable. No one should beat themselves up for having to repeat a step. "No Contact" often takes several repeated attempts.

We must remember, it is about PROGRESS, not PERFECTION. We must celebrate our progress and encourage one another to keep pushing forward

His smile

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This is my story

I met my ex in 1998. I was younger and single and doing my own thing. It was a tumultuous relationship from the beginning. He was messing with others n so was i off and on. When he finally moved in, he still cheated, I did not. He showed me love, took me places, bought me whatever I wanted etc etc but always cheated. Early on. At one point he moved myself n 2 young children to another state to be near his family and start over. His words. Lived there a 1 1/2 still cheating, with numerous women. Stayed out all night and was with a new girl, I kicked him out.