your last goodknight!

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#1 Mar 9 - 12AM
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your last goodknight!

I just wanted you to know how I feel even though I know you do not care….

All of the I love yous… I miss yous.. I would marry you… you are the most beautiful, sexiest sweetest little girl in all the world and I love you and everything about you… the nonstop phone calls to brainwash me into thinking you were so wonderful.

I cannot understand why you would lie to me and cause your family so much pain for what?

All the things we went through for what?

I was going to leave my family and everything I held nearest and dearest in my heart because of your lies. Your manipulations, yourself serving reasons… and you were leading me on to do this – this was your goal remember our future... after the kids grew up what a pile of pigshit that was just like you.

How and Why could you? Really what the fuck were you thinking was going to happen to everyone involved…. How long did you think your charade was going to go on … unfortunately for you I was smarter than you thought and I was not going to put up with your crap unlike your poor wife…

I know you are with a new victim as I write this because my mom saw you sneaking in through the back door just like you used to do with me… and just like you have done with many others I am sure. COWARD!

I have moved on and my family and husband have forgiven me… for my stupidity in being duped by you – remember my knight in shining armor… what an asshole in tinfoil you turned out to be. what a piece of work you are.

And how do you deal with your lies …. You drop off the face of the earth you do not even have the decency of treating me with a little bit of respect after all we have been through you are truly a piece of snot or shit that I have finally wiped off my body.

I feel so bad for your family – no one deserves the likes of you especially the ones that stay and support your sick shit. You are so shallow there is nothing but a shell of a snake left that is all you are except for your reptilian eyes that you use to lure in innocent people.

Fuck I hate you.

Sincerely the most beautiful sexy woman in the world and your fucking loss !

Apr 21 - 2AM
no more an echo
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peeing my pants

Apr 21 - 1PM (Reply to #5)
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My Dear no more an echo....

Apr 22 - 2AM (Reply to #6)
no more an echo
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You ARE 'Toomuch' !

Apr 19 - 5PM
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Asshole in tinfoil. Oh my

Apr 21 - 12AM (Reply to #3)
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thanx rosa_lita.... I am

Apr 3 - 7AM
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Good job..